angularjs data-ng-model vs - What is the difference between ng-app and data-ng-app?

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None in terms of the runtime behavior, those are just different styles of naming directives as described here:

Directives have camel cased names such as ngBind. The directive can be invoked by translating the camel case name into snake case with these special characters :, -, or _. Optionally the directive can be prefixed with x-, or data- to make it HTML validator compliant. Here is a list of some of the possible directive names: ng:bind, ng-bind, ng_bind, x-ng-bind and data-ng-bind.

As you can see from reading this the data- can be used to make your HTML pass HTML validator tests/

data-ng-bind show array

I have begun to learn about AngularJS and am confused about what the differences are between the ng-app and data-ng-app directives.

In modern browsers there is no difference, but in older IEs, they won't work unless you declare an XML namespace defining it.

There is also a validation difference in that ng-app is not valid XHTML, and will cause your webpage to fail HTML validations. Angular allows you to prefix its directives with data- or x- to allow it to validate.

The basic difference between these two terms is that data-ng-app validates the HTML while the latter don't.Functionality remains the same. For more reference you can try w3Validator.