Is it possible to connect iOS and android device using Bluetooth?

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I'm not sure. Bluetooth LE isn't good idea to transfer large files. In one request phone you have only 18 bytes.

Nexus 7 bluetooth chip has some defect - not work correctly.

Try free application for IPhone - Light Blue.


First question: yes.

Second: Yes but it's not good idea. MAc address in Iphone is alternating every 10 minutes and all turn on/off bluetooth.


I have to make an application to pair an iOS and Android device (iPhone 5, iPad 3, Galaxy S3, Nexus 7 they all use Bluetooth 4.0) and then send data to each other.

  • Is this amount of data limited ? Can we send something like a photo or a PDF?

I've already done the pairing and sending data between 2 iOS devices using CoreBluetooth and the sample code from Apple BTLE_Transfer

Of what i understood, a Peripheral (Server) can Advertise to a Central (Client). This central is scanning around itself, and then try to find the Server by looking for the UUID of the service advertised.

When i make a Server on Android, it is waiting for a connection (listening), i know the UUID and the mac address of my Server. But when i scan with my iPhone (scanning for the same UUID of course), i can't find the server.

  • So is there a possibility for the android server to advertise like the Peripheral on iOS?
  • Or maybe a possibility for my iPhone client to connect using the mac address of the server?

Is it possible to transfer data between two BLE devices?

Yes, it is possible for sending and receiving short pieces of data known as "attributes" over a BLE link. All current Low Energy application profiles are based on GATT.

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Android 4.3 as a Bluetooth LE Peripheral

Unfortunately there is no way for Android devices to act as a peripheral. He can creates GATT servers, services and charachteristics but there is no way to make the advertising.


The phone supports the central role;

I'm waiting for this feature too, but it seems we have to wait for next Android releases.

In API level 4, 4.1,4.2,4.3 its not possible. Android lollipop API version 5.0.X sdk supports peripheral mode in BLE however this feature is chipset dependent (Phones).