check contains - How can I test if a letter in a string is uppercase or lowercase using JavaScript?

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if (character == character.toLowerCase())
  // The character is lowercase
  // The character is uppercase
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How can I test if a letter in a string is uppercase or lowercase using JavaScript?

The problem with the other answers is, that some characters like numbers or punctuation also return true when checked for lowercase/uppercase.

I found this to work very well for it:

function isLowerCase(str)
    return str == str.toLowerCase() && str != str.toUpperCase();

This will work for punctuation, numbers and letters:


To check one letter just call it using isLowerCase(str[charIndex])

function isUpperCase(myString) { 
  return (myString == myString.toUpperCase()); 
function isLowerCase(myString) { 
  return (myString == myString.toLowerCase()); 

More specifically to what is being asked. Pass in a String and a position to check. Very close to Josh's except that this one will compare a larger string. Would have added as a comment but I don't have that ability yet.

function isUpperCase(myString, pos) { 
    return (myString.charAt(pos) == myString.charAt(pos).toUpperCase()); 

function isLowerCase(myString, pos) {
    return (myString.charAt(pos) == myString.charAt(pos).toLowerCase()); 

There's a really simple answer, which nobody else has mentioned:

function isLowerCase(str) {
    return str !== str.toUpperCase();

If str.toUpperCase() does not return the same str, it has to be lower case. To test for upper case you change it to str !== str.toLowererCase().

Unlike some other answers, it works correctly on non-alpha characters (returns false) and it works for other alphabets, accented characters etc.

You can test if your array has an upper case or lower case string by using the match method and regex, below is just a basic foundation to start your test

  var array = ['a', 'b', 'c', 'A', 'B', 'C', '(', ')', '+', '-', '~', '*'];
  var character = array.join('')

  var test = function(search){
      upperCase = search.match(/[A-Z]/g)

      lowerCase = search.match(/[a-z]/g)


You can also use this, it will check the string for lower and uppercase

var s = "a"
  alert ('lower case true');

if(/[A-Z]/.test(s)) {
 alert ('upper case true'); 

This is straightforward, readable solution using a simple regex.

// Get specific char in string
const char = string.charAt(index);

const isLowerCaseLetter = (/[a-z]/.test(char));
const isUpperCaseLetter = (/[A-Z]/.test(char));

function checkCharType (charToCheck) {
    // body... 
    var returnValue = "O";
    var charCode = charToCheck.charCodeAt(0);

    if(charCode >= "A".charCodeAt(0) && charCode <= "Z".charCodeAt(0)){

        returnValue = "U";

    }else if (charCode >= "a".charCodeAt(0) &&
                charCode <= "z".charCodeAt(0) ){
        returnValue = "L";
    }else if (charCode >= "0".charCodeAt(0) &&
            charCode <= "9".charCodeAt(0)  ) {
        returnValue = "N";
    return returnValue;

var myString = prompt("Enter Some text: ", "Hello world !");

switch (checkCharType(myString)) {
    case "U":
        // statements_1
        document.write("First character was upper case");

    case "L":
        document.write("First character was a lower case");
    case "N":
        document.write("First character was a number");
        // statements_def
        document.write("First character was not a character or a number");
  1. Define a Function checkCharType().By declaring the variable returnValue and initialising it to the Character "O" to indicate it's Some other value.

  2. U for uppercase; L for Lowercase ; N for number

  3. Use the charCodeAt() method to get the character code of the first character.

  4. Using if Statement , which check within what range of values the character code falls.

  5. If it falls between the character codes for A and Z, Its Uppercase, character code between a and z ,Its Lowercase. and so on.

  6. "A".charCode(0)

    var myChar = new String("A"); myChar.charCodeAt(0); "A" : number code "65“

  7. Check the String

See my comment on the chosen answer. Other solutions that limit to the ASCII table or use the actual character literals completely ignore Unicode and the several hundred other characters there that have case.

This code will set the caseGroup variable to:

  • 1 for Upper Case
  • -1 for Lower Case
  • 0 for Without Case

    var caseGroup = (character.toLowerCase() == character.toUpperCase() ? 0 : (character == character.toUpperCase() ? 1 : -1));

You could bake that into something like this...

    function determineCase(character) {
        return (character.toLowerCase() == character.toUpperCase() ? 0 : (character == character.toUpperCase() ? 1 : -1));

    function isUpper(character) {
        return determineCase(character) == 1;

    function isLower(character) {
        return determineCase(character) == -1;

    function hasCase(character) {
        return determineCase(character) != 0;

Assuming that a string is only considered to not be all uppercase if at least one lowercase letter is present, this works fine. I understand it's not concise and succinct like everybody else tried to do, but does it works =)

function isUpperCase(str) {
    for (var i = 0, len = str.length; i < len; i++) {
        var letter = str.charAt(i);
        var keyCode = letter.charCodeAt(i);
        if (keyCode > 96 && keyCode < 123) {
            return false;

    return true;

I need to test against a string of any character (including white space, marks, numbers, unicode characters...). Because white space, numbers, marks... will be the same in both upper case and lower case, and I want to find real upper case letters, I do this:

let countUpperCase = 0;
let i = 0;
while (i <= string.length) {
  const character = string.charAt(i);
  if (character === character.toUpperCase() && character !== character.toLowerCase()) {

<script type="text/javascript">
function check(){
    var str="AabczZ";
    for(var i=0;i<str.length;i++){
        var char=str.charCodeAt(i);
        if(char>=65 && char<=90){
            // char is in uppercase
        }else if(char>=97 && char<=122){
            // char is in lowercase
            // special Char