database-design 446

  1. What's the difference between identifying and non-identifying relationships?
  2. MongoDB vs. Cassandra
  3. Database, Table and Column Naming Conventions?
  4. Database development mistakes made by application developers
  5. What is the ideal data type to use when storing latitude / longitudes in a MySQL database?
  6. Difference between scaling horizontally and vertically for databases
  7. Can I have multiple primary keys in a single table?
  8. Auto Generate Database Diagram MySQL
  9. Is storing a delimited list in a database column really that bad?
  10. What does character set and collation mean exactly?
  11. What are database normal forms, how can you easily apply them and can you give examples?
  12. Recommended SQL database design for tags or tagging
  13. Relational Database Design Patterns?
  14. First-time database design: am I overengineering?
  15. Should each and every table have a primary key?
  16. What's wrong with foreign keys?
  17. Calendar Recurring/Repeating Events - Best Storage Method
  18. What does principal end of an association means in 1:1 relationship in Entity framework
  19. What are the best practices for using a GUID as a primary key, specifically regarding performance?
  20. Use email address as primary key?
  21. What should every developer know about databases?
  22. Max length for client ip address
  23. Schema for a multilanguage database
  24. “Prevent saving changes that require the table to be re-created” negative effects
  25. What does ON [PRIMARY] mean?
  26. How big can a user agent string get?
  27. Subqueries vs joins
  28. What is the maximum length of latitude and longitude?
  29. Database Design for Tagging
  30. What are best practices for multi-language database design?
  31. How can you represent inheritance in a database?
  32. What's the longest possible worldwide phone number I should consider in SQL varchar(length) for phone
  33. Surrogate vs. natural/business keys
  34. What is purpose of database schema?
  35. Are soft deletes a good idea?
  36. Storing SHA1 hash values in MySQL
  37. Storing money in a decimal column - what precision and scale?
  38. Good tool to visualise database schema?
  39. Remove Primary Key in MySQL
  40. NoSql vs Relational database
  41. Create unique constraint with null columns
  42. Is there ever a time where using a database 1:1 relationship makes sense?
  43. SQL ON DELETE CASCADE, Which Way Does the Deletion Occur?
  44. Strings as Primary Keys in SQL Database
  45. Database Structure for Tree Data Structure
  46. What are OLTP and OLAP. What is the difference between them?
  47. When/Why to use Cascading in SQL Server?
  48. Difference between clustered and nonclustered index
  49. How to version control a record in a database
  50. Facebook database design?