design 512

  1. “Thinking in AngularJS” if I have a jQuery background?
  2. How to decide when to use Node.js?
  3. Why not inherit from List<T>?
  4. Delete column from pandas DataFrame using python del
  5. Why not use tables for layout in HTML?
  6. Large-scale design in Haskell?
  7. REST API Best practices: Where to put parameters?
  8. RESTful URL design for search
  9. Component based game engine design
  10. HTTP POST with URL query parameters — good idea or not?
  11. Software Design vs. Software Architecture
  12. How to design RESTful search/filtering?
  13. When should I use a struct instead of a class?
  14. Difference between Microservices Architecture and SOA
  15. What is the difference between aggregation, composition and dependency?
  16. How many parameters are too many?
  17. Single huge .css file vs. multiple smaller specific .css files?
  18. Why is good UI design so hard for some Developers?
  19. How do you design object oriented projects?
  20. Missing return statement in a non-void method compiles
  21. C state-machine design
  22. Declaring variables inside or outside of a loop
  23. How to inherit constructors?
  24. prototype based vs. class based inheritance
  25. Using “final” modifier whenever applicable in java
  26. What is opinionated software?
  27. Struct like objects in Java
  28. Good or bad practice? Initializing objects in getter
  29. What kind of solutions is Go designed for?
  30. Why are empty catch blocks a bad idea?
  31. Mutable vs immutable objects
  32. REST Complex/Composite/Nested Resources
  33. Facebook Architecture
  34. Building a notification system
  35. What is the opposite of 'parse'?
  36. Uses for Optional
  37. Call to getLayoutInflater() in places not in activity
  38. How to compare objects by multiple fields
  39. Who architected / designed C++'s IOStreams, and would it still be considered well-designed by today's standards?
  40. Are there free iPhone navigation bar icon sets available?
  41. Why is it impossible to override a getter-only property and add a setter?
  42. Websites like
  43. Thread vs ThreadPool
  44. How to design a database for User Defined Fields?
  45. Design by contract using assertions or exceptions?
  46. Best way for a 'forgot password' implementation?
  47. Python function overloading
  48. What is an anti-pattern?
  49. Converting many 'if else' statements to a cleaner approach
  50. Modelling an elevator using Object-Oriented Analysis and Design