erlang 122

  1. Speed comparison with Project Euler: C vs Python vs Erlang vs Haskell
  2. Why are there two kinds of functions in Elixir?
  3. Where is Erlang used and why?
  4. Technically, why are processes in Erlang more efficient than OS threads?
  5. What is Erlang written in?
  6. How does akka compare to Erlang?
  7. What kind of virtual machine is BEAM (the Erlang VM)?
  8. Where does Elixir/erlang fit into the microservices approach?
  9. How/why do functional languages (specifically Erlang) scale well?
  10. Node.js or Erlang
  11. What's the status of current Functional Reactive Programming implementations?
  12. Erlang's 99.9999999% (nine nines) reliability
  13. How to get Erlang's release version number from a shell?
  14. Are there things Elixir can do that Erlang cannot, or vice versa?
  15. What is the best way to learn Erlang?
  16. The actor model: Why is erlang special? Or, why do you need another language for it?
  17. Why did you decide “against” using Erlang?
  18. What's a good IDE for Erlang programming?
  19. Using trace and dbg in Erlang
  20. Design patterns/best practice for building Actor-based system
  21. Future investment: Erlang vs. Scala
  22. Can someone explain the structure of a Pid in Erlang?
  23. Lisp and Erlang Atoms, Ruby and Scheme Symbols. How useful are they?
  24. How does shared memory vs message passing handle large data structures?
  25. Erlang's let-it-crash philosophy - applicable elsewhere?
  26. Mixing Erlang and Haskell
  27. How do I concatenate two binaries in Erlang?
  28. What libraries can I use to build a GUI with Erlang?
  29. Good resources on using functional programming in game development?
  30. Is there a good, complete tutorial on Erlang parse transforms available?
  31. Which Actor model library/framework for python and Erlang-like?
  32. RabbitMQ (beam.smp) and high CPU/memory load issue
  33. Remove not_exist_already node from mnesia cluster(scheme)
  34. Are Erlang/OTP messages reliable? Can messages be duplicated?
  35. Functional Programming: what is an “improper list”?
  36. When does Erlang's parallelism overcome its weaknesses in numeric computing?
  37. What is the “pin” operator for, and are Elixir variables mutable?
  38. Erlang/Elixir on Docker and Hot Code Swap
  39. How to perform actions periodically with Erlang's gen_server?
  40. How do you write a fun that's recursive in Erlang?

  41. Defining erlang functions in the shell
  42. How do you create and load modules dynamically at runtime in Elixir, or Erlang?
  43. Erlang: what is the difference between “include_lib” and “include”?
  44. Something like 99 Erlang problems?
  45. Why is Erlang slower than Java on all these small math benchmarks?
  46. Achieving code swapping in Erlang's gen_server
  47. pattern matching - implementation
  48. Python/Erlang: What's the difference between Twisted, Stackless, Greenlet, Eventlet, Coroutines? Are they similar to Erlang processes?
  49. How scalable is distributed Erlang?
  50. How to write a simple webserver in Erlang?