erlang 259

  1. What is the difference between a process and a thread?
  2. Speed comparison with Project Euler: C vs Python vs Erlang vs Haskell
  3. Why are there two kinds of functions in Elixir?
  4. Where is Erlang used and why?
  5. What is Erlang written in?
  6. How/why do functional languages (specifically Erlang) scale well?
  7. Erlang's 99.9999999% (nine nines) reliability
  8. How to get Erlang's release version number from a shell?
  9. Can someone explain the structure of a Pid in Erlang?
  10. Setting up an Erlang development environment
  11. What libraries can I use to build a GUI with Erlang?
  12. RabbitMQ has Nodedown Error
  13. How do you design the architecture of an Erlang/OTP-based distributed fault-tolerant multicore system?
  14. How do you do modulo or remainder in Erlang?
  15. Considering an Erlang web framework to learn and use in production
  16. Why is MPI considered harder than shared memory and Erlang considered easier, when they are both message-passing?
  17. Haskell for a server?
  18. Functional languages (Erlang, F#, Haskell, Scala)
  19. Erlang/OTP behaviors for beginner
  20. How to call a method dynamically in Elixir, by specifying both module and method name?
  21. What are some interesting projects to solve in Erlang for learning purposes?
  22. Reduce RabbitMQ memory usage
  23. What is the storage capacity of a Mnesia database?
  24. ejabberd online status when user loses connection
  25. How do I make an already written concurrent program run on a GPU array?
  26. Design patterns for Agent / Actor based concurrent design
  27. Why are C, C++, and LISP so prevalent in embedded devices and robots?
  28. How do I do an HTTPS request with Erlang?
  29. Is there a way to tell rebar not to run eunit tests for the dependencies?
  30. Erlang-style Concurrency for Other Languages
  31. Erlang as an embedded system within an application?
  32. Distinctive traits of the functional languages
  33. Good practices when developing an application in Erlang (and Riak)?
  34. What's the best way to unit test concurrent Erlang code?
  35. What is the difference between multicore programming in Erlang and other language?
  36. Erlang vs OCaml (best niche to fit)
  37. Erlang: What does question mark syntax mean?
  38. Time travel and time freezing in Elixir
  39. Erlang Multicast
  40. URL encode in Erlang
  41. Sieve of Eratosthenes in Erlang
  42. What are some good Erlang Primers/Tutorials for beginners?
  43. Mailbox Processor on Distributed Systems
  44. How do you compile an Erlang program into a standalone windows executable?
  45. Why big companies use Mnesia instead of using Riak or CouchDB
  46. Profiler/Analyzer for Erlang?
  47. Parsing JSON in Erlang
  48. Pattern Matching, F# vs Erlang
  49. What OS threads get used in Erlang’s abstract machine, BEAM?
  50. Concurrency: Processes vs Threads