functional-programming 402

  1. What is tail recursion?
  2. What is a monad?
  3. What is a monad?
  4. What is (functional) reactive programming?
  5. Does functional programming replace GoF design patterns?
  6. Getting started with Haskell
  7. “What part of Milner-Hindley do you not understand?”
  8. Functional programming vs Object Oriented programming
  9. What is the difference between a 'closure' and a 'lambda'?
  10. How can a time function exist in functional programming?
  11. Large-scale design in Haskell?
  12. List filtering: list comprehension vs. lambda + filter
  13. Monad in plain English? (For the OOP programmer with no FP background)
  14. map function for objects (instead of arrays)
  15. What is 'Currying'?
  16. What is Haskell actually useful for?
  17. Efficiency of purely functional programming
  18. Is functional GUI programming possible?
  19. What is the difference between Scala's case class and class?
  20. What is a y-combinator?
  21. What does “coalgebra” mean in the context of programming?
  22. Why functional languages?
  23. What is a 'Closure'?
  24. Why isn't Python very good for functional programming?
  25. What is Scala's yield?
  26. How to use underscore.js as a template engine?
  27. Abusing the algebra of algebraic data types - why does this work?
  28. What is referential transparency?
  29. Best explanation for languages without null
  30. What is “lifting” in Scala?
  31. Why hasn't functional programming taken over yet?
  32. How can you do anything useful without mutable state?
  33. In Functional Programming, what is a functor?
  34. Is there a software-engineering methodology for functional programming?
  35. What is the difference between procedural programming and functional programming?
  36. List of strings to one string
  37. What's the status of multicore programming in Haskell?
  38. What is context in _.each(list, iterator, [context])?
  39. Why are side-effects modeled as monads in Haskell?
  40. Real-world applications of zygohistomorphic prepromorphisms
  41. difference between foldLeft and reduceLeft in Scala
  42. How to avoid long nesting of asynchronous functions in Node.js
  43. Functional style of Java 8's Optional.ifPresent and if-not-Present?
  44. What tools are there for functional programming in C?
  45. Implications of foldr vs. foldl (or foldl')
  46. Using python map and other functional tools
  47. Javascript equivalent of Python's zip function
  48. Does Java SE 8 have Pairs or Tuples?
  49. Beginners Guide to Haskell?
  50. Is Javascript a Functional Programming Language?