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  1. How to efficiently concatenate strings in Go?
  2. How to check if a map contains a key in go?
  3. How do you write multiline strings in Go?
  4. What is the best way to convert byte array to string?
  5. Is there a foreach loop in Go?
  6. What is an idiomatic way of representing enums in Go?
  7. How to convert an int value to string in Go?
  8. Optional Parameters?
  9. How to check if a file exists in Go?
  10. What are the use(s) for tags in Go?
  11. Concatenate two slices in Go
  12. How to read/write from/to file using Go?
  13. How to handle configuration in Go
  14. When is the init() function run?
  15. Organizing a multiple-file Go project
  16. Golang: format a string without printing?
  17. Iterating over all the keys of a map
  18. How to find a type of an object in Golang?
  19. how do I SET the GOPATH environment variable on Ubuntu? What file must I edit?
  20. Is assert evil?
  21. How to assign string to bytes array
  22. what should be the values of GOPATH and GOROOT?
  23. reading file line by line in go
  24. How does Go compile so quickly?
  25. Handling JSON Post Request in Go
  26. Pointers vs. values in parameters and return values
  27. Does Golang have “if x in” construct similar to Python?
  28. How to generate a random string of a fixed length in golang?
  29. Checking the equality of two slices
  30. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Go programming language?
  31. What kind of solutions is Go designed for?
  32. How are people managing authentication in Go?
  33. How to print struct variables in console?
  34. How to read input from console line?
  35. Does Go provide REPL?
  36. What is the idiomatic Go equivalent of C's ternary operator?
  37. Golang operator difference between := vs =
  38. What's the recommended way to connect to MySQL from Go?
  39. Is it possible to capture a Ctrl+C signal and run a cleanup function, in a “defer” fashion?
  40. How to get the directory of the currently running file?
  41. Setting HTTP headers
  42. How to install the current version of Go in Ubuntu Precise
  43. Why would I make() or new()?

  44. How to multiply duration by integer?
  45. How to use custom packages in golang?
  46. Call Go functions from C
  47. cannot download, $GOPATH not set
  48. What is the best way to test for an empty string in Go?
  49. How to use C++ in Go?
  50. Golang application auto build versioning