haskell 541

  1. What is a monad?
  2. What is a monad?
  3. Getting started with Haskell
  4. “What part of Milner-Hindley do you not understand?”
  5. Haskell: difference between . (dot) and $ (dollar sign)
  6. A monad is just a monoid in the category of endofunctors, what's the probleⅿ?
  7. How can a time function exist in functional programming?
  8. Speed comparison with Project Euler: C vs Python vs Erlang vs Haskell
  9. Large-scale design in Haskell?
  10. Transitivity of Auto-Specialization in GHC
  11. What is Haskell actually useful for?
  12. Is functional GUI programming possible?
  13. Good Haskell source to read and learn from
  14. Techniques for Tracing Constraints
  15. Why do we need monads?
  16. What are free monads?
  17. What does “coalgebra” mean in the context of programming?
  18. How fundamentally different are push-pull and arrowized FRP?
  19. Getting associated type synonyms with template Haskell
  20. Abusing the algebra of algebraic data types - why does this work?
  21. What does the `forall` keyword in Haskell/GHC do?
  22. Haskell: What is Weak Head Normal Form?
  23. What's so bad about Template Haskell?
  24. Comparing Haskell's Snap and Yesod web frameworks
  25. When is -XAllowAmbiguousTypes appropriate?
  26. What is the Haskell response to Node.js?
  27. What does the exclamation mark mean in a Haskell declaration?
  28. Running a Haskell program on the Android OS
  29. Haskell: Lists, Arrays, Vectors, Sequences
  30. Good examples of Not a Functor/Functor/Applicative/Monad?
  31. Reading GHC Core
  32. lenses, fclabels, data-accessor - which library for structure access and mutation is better
  33. Are there pronounceable names for common Haskell operators?
  34. What optimizations can GHC be expected to perform reliably?
  35. What's the status of multicore programming in Haskell?
  36. Specialization with Constraints
  37. Why are side-effects modeled as monads in Haskell?
  38. Real-world applications of zygohistomorphic prepromorphisms
  39. Why not be dependently typed?
  40. Difference between `data` and `newtype` in Haskell
  41. Proper use of the HsOpenSSL API to implement a TLS Server
  42. Handling List-types with Esqueleto
  43. Does GHC-mod have to use full names for types?
  44. Why is GHC so large/big?
  45. Haskell: Converting Int to String
  46. How to ship an executable with Language.Haskell.Interpreter?
  47. Why is Haskell (GHC) so darn fast?
  48. Implications of foldr vs. foldl (or foldl')
  49. How to define a function in ghci across multiple lines?
  50. Emacs Interactive-Haskell repl non-response if either the cabal or working directory set to project directory