linux-kernel 181

  1. What is “:-!!” in C code?
  2. How do the likely() and unlikely() macros in the Linux kernel work and what is their benefit?
  3. How is the Linux kernel tested ?
  4. Is bool a native C type?
  5. What is the theoretical maximum number of open TCP connections that a modern Linux box can have
  6. Why is Linux called a monolithic kernel?
  7. Increasing the maximum number of tcp/ip connections in linux
  8. Finding which process was killed by Linux OOM killer
  9. What is the difference between the kernel space and the user space?
  10. Measure time in Linux - time vs clock vs getrusage vs clock_gettime vs gettimeofday vs timespec_get?
  11. What's the use of do while(0) when we define a macro?
  12. Writing programs to cope with I/O errors causing lost writes on Linux
  13. What is the difference between vmalloc and kmalloc?
  14. How to avoid transparent_hugepage/defrag warning from mongodb?
  15. Context switches much slower in new linux kernels
  16. How can I identify the request queue for a linux block device
  17. Selecting a Linux I/O Scheduler
  18. How to “hibernate” a process in Linux by storing its memory to disk and restoring it later?
  19. IOCTL Linux device driver
  20. How to read/write files within a Linux kernel module?
  21. What happens to an open file handle on Linux if the pointed file gets moved, delete
  22. kernel stack and user space stack
  23. Using gdb to single-step assembly code outside specified executable causes error “cannot find bounds of current function”
  24. How to start learning linux kernel programming ,coding or reading?
  25. If threads share the same PID, how can they be identified?
  26. What are vdso and vsyscall?
  27. Use of floating point in the Linux kernel
  28. Linux Kernel: System call hooking example
  29. What is the function of “(void) (&_min1 == &_min2)” in the min macro in kernel.h?
  30. Magic numbers of the Linux reboot() system call
  31. Understanding container_of macro in the Linux kernel
  32. Context switch internals
  33. Running docker on Android
  34. Qt Creator, ptrace: Operation not permitted. What is the permanent solution?
  35. How does the linux kernel manage less than 1GB physical memory?
  36. What are IN & OUT instructions in x86 used for?
  37. Why do some kernel programmers use goto instead of simple while loops?
  38. Linux kernel live debugging, how it's done and what tools are used?
  39. Whole one core dedicated to single process
  40. How to write a simple Linux device driver?
  41. Difference between POSIX AIO and libaio on Linux?
  42. Direct Memory Access in Linux
  43. How closely are Mac OS X and BSD related?
  44. I want to contribute to the Linux kernel
  45. How to use netlink socket to communicate with a kernel module?

  46. Linux kernel “historical” git repository with full history
  47. How nl80211 library & cfg80211 work?
  48. How can I see which CPU core a thread is running in?
  49. What does it mean by cold cache and warm cache concept?
  50. How much memory could vm use