linux-kernel 236

  1. What is “:-!!” in C code?
  2. How is the Linux kernel tested ?
  3. Is bool a native C type?
  4. What is the theoretical maximum number of open TCP connections that a modern Linux box can have
  5. Increasing the maximum number of tcp/ip connections in linux
  6. Measure time in Linux - time vs clock vs getrusage vs clock_gettime vs gettimeofday vs timespec_get?
  7. What is the difference between vmalloc and kmalloc?
  8. How can I identify the request queue for a linux block device
  9. Selecting a Linux I/O Scheduler
  10. How to start learning linux kernel programming ,coding or reading?
  11. What does “make oldconfig” do exactly in the Linux kernel makefile?
  12. What is the function of “(void) (&_min1 == &_min2)” in the min macro in kernel.h?
  13. Why do some kernel programmers use goto instead of simple while loops?
  14. Which real-time priority is the highest priority in Linux
  15. Difference between POSIX AIO and libaio on Linux?
  16. Direct Memory Access in Linux
  17. What is better “int 0x80” or “syscall”?
  18. Why do we need a swapper task in linux?
  19. Converting jiffies to milli seconds
  20. Accurate calculation of CPU usage given in percentage in Linux?
  21. What is kernel section mismatch?
  22. Where does printk() print to?
  23. why parallel execution on java compile take linear growth in time
  24. CPU Flame Graphs for Python
  25. Difference between KVM and LXC
  26. What does ERESTARTSYS used while writing linux driver?
  27. Difference between arm-eabi arm-gnueabi and gnueabi-hf compilers
  28. Difference between arm-eabi arm-gnueabi and gnueabi-hf compilers
  29. what does anon-rss and total-vm mean
  30. What is the best way to prevent out of memory (OOM) freezes on Linux?
  31. How to get current hour (time of day) in linux kernel space
  32. What does request_mem_region() actually do and when it is needed?
  33. Getting config from Linux kernel image
  34. What's the purpose of the UD2 opcode in the Linux kernel?
  35. File I/O in a Linux kernel module
  36. Use of double pointer in linux kernel Hash list implementation
  37. Does Linux use x86 CPU's PCID feature for TLB? If not, why?
  38. Explain list_for_each_entry and list_for_each_entry_safe
  39. Using the Linux Fault Injection framework
  40. Static call graph generation for the Linux kernel
  41. Writing to eventfd from kernel module
  42. Is “asmlinkage” required for a c function to be called from assembly?
  43. Newbie asm: where is the call code?
  44. Sending UDP packets from the Linux Kernel
  45. How does the kernel know what is the current thread?
  46. How many docker containers can i run simultaneously on single host?
  47. How to use kgdb on ARM??
  48. setting cpu affinity of a process from the start on linux
  49. what does pss mean in /proc/pid/smaps
  50. Does kernel have main function?