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  1. Solr vs. ElasticSearch
  2. ElasticSearch, Sphinx, Lucene, Solr, Xapian. Which fits for which usage?
  3. Comparison of full text search engine - Lucene, Sphinx, Postgresql, MySQL?
  4. NoSQL (MongoDB) vs Lucene (or Solr) as your database
  5. Choosing a stand-alone full-text search server: Sphinx or SOLR?
  6. Difference between solr and lucene
  7. Comparison of Lucene Analyzers
  8. How to query SOLR for empty fields?
  9. Elasticsearch vs Cassandra vs Elasticsearch with Cassandra
  10. using OR and NOT in solr query
  11. How does lucene index documents?
  12. How does Lucene work
  13. How to get a Token from a Lucene TokenStream?
  14. How would one use Lucene.NET to help implement search on a site like Stack Overflow?
  15. Why is Solr so much faster than Postgres?
  16. What is the difference between Lucene and Elasticsearch
  17. What does percolator mean/do in elasticsearch?
  18. Is there a good indexing / search engine for Node.js?
  19. How to do query auto-completion/suggestions in Lucene?
  20. Entity Extraction/Recognition with free tools while feeding Lucene Index
  21. What is best and most active open source .Net search technology?
  22. Is using a load balancer with ElasticSearch unnecessary?
  23. SQL Server 2008 Full Text Search (FTS) versus Lucene.NET
  24. Best practices for searchable archive of thousands of documents (pdf and/or xml)
  25. Lucene Score results
  26. Is MongoDB a valid alternative to relational db + lucene?
  27. Lucene.Net Best Practices
  28. How to incorporate multiple fields in QueryParser?
  29. Elasticsearch always returning “mapping type is missing”
  30. What are segments in Lucene?
  31. Understanding Segments in Elasticsearch
  32. ElasticSearch - Searching For Human Names
  33. N-gram generation from a sentence
  34. Full Text Searching with Rails
  35. solr search for documents where a field doesn't exist
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  37. “Did you mean?” feature in
  38. Can a raw Lucene index be loaded by Solr?
  39. What are some good resources on using Lucene.Net?
  40. Concurrency in Lucene.NET.
  41. Lucene Hebrew analyzer

  42. Elasticsearch - How to normalize score when combining regular query and function_score?
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