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  1. Private and Protected Members : C++
  2. What's the fundamental difference between MFC and ATL?
  4. How to convert CString and ::std::string ::std::wstring to each other?
  5. How do I decide whether to use ATL, MFC, Win32 or CLR for a new C++ project?
  6. C++ MFC vs .NET?
  7. Convert CString to const char*
  8. Convert MFC CString to integer
  9. Which Font is the default for MFC Dialog Controls?
  10. How do I force windows NOT to redraw anything in my dialog when the user is resizing my dialog?
  11. Why STL containers are preferred over MFC containers?
  12. Ever done a total rewrite of a large C++ application in C#?
  13. What are some techniques for migrating a large MFC application to WPF/.NET?
  14. Difference BOOL and bool?
  15. error Please #define _AFXDLL or do not use /MD[d] occurs even after making changes in Project Properties
  16. How to detect a CListCtrl selection change?
  17. Menubar + Commandbar on WM 5.0 and WM 6.5.3
  18. Creating a professional-looking (and behaving!) form designer
  19. Disallowing creation of the temporary objects
  20. Is MFC still used for new development (with any material volume)?
  21. Where is a good place to start programming GUIs for windows?
  22. Is there a Designer for MFC in Visual Studio like for windows forms in .NET?
  23. Using a Qt-based DLL in a non-Qt application
  24. How can I convert an Int to a CString?

  25. “binary was not built with debug information ” warning meaning in mfc application?
  26. Difference between a C++ exception and Structured Exception
  27. MFC: std::string vs CString?
  28. Best way to design for localization of strings
  29. Embed image in code, without using resource section or external images
  30. App does not run with VS 2008 SP1 DLLs, previous version works with RTM versions
  31. Is There Still A Case For MFC
  32. How to create a resizable CDialog in MFC?
  33. Static or dynamic linking the CRT, MFC, ATL, etc
  34. Windows C++ dialog resizer class
  35. Future proofing a large UI Application - MFC with 2008 Feature pack, or C# and Winforms?
  36. Chart controls for MFC application?
  37. Why does my MFC app hang when I throw an exception?
  38. How Can I Monitor Which Window Currently Has Keyboard Focus
  39. MFC resources / links
  40. Icons on menus of MFC Feature Pack classes
  41. Get CSIDL_LOCAL_APPDATA path for any user on Windows
  42. CEdit control maximum length? (in characters it can display)
  43. Getline error MFC vs2012 (msvcp110.dll)
  44. Reading VC++ CArchive Binary Format (or Java reading (CObArray))
  45. Programmatically change combobox
  46. How to convert Cardinal numbers into Ordinal ones
  47. How to host a WPF form in a MFC application
  48. Do you know of a good program for editing/translating resource (.rc) files?
  49. Can you use CMFCVisualManager with a dialog based application?
  50. How to draw in the nonclient area?