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  1. Private and Protected Members : C++
  2. What's the fundamental difference between MFC and ATL?
  4. How to convert CString and ::std::string ::std::wstring to each other?
  5. How do I decide whether to use ATL, MFC, Win32 or CLR for a new C++ project?
  6. Convert CString to const char*
  7. App does not run with VS 2008 SP1 DLLs, previous version works with RTM versions
  8. Which Font is the default for MFC Dialog Controls?
  9. What's with the “Afx” in StdAfx.h?
  10. Where is a good place to start programming GUIs for windows?
  11. Using a Qt-based DLL in a non-Qt application
  12. How do I call a static method of another class
  13. Error LNK2019 when using GetFileVersionInfoSize()
  14. “binary was not built with debug information ” warning meaning in mfc application?
  15. Best way to design for localization of strings
  16. Exceptions silently caught by Windows, how to handle manually?
  17. How to create a resizable CDialog in MFC?
  18. Is There Still A Case For MFC
  19. Static or dynamic linking the CRT, MFC, ATL, etc
  20. CString to char*
  21. 64 bit tools like BoundsChecker & Purify
  22. Unit testing MFC UI applications?
  24. How Can I Monitor Which Window Currently Has Keyboard Focus
  25. How can I get the value (string) of the current selection in a combobox?
  26. Split functionality for MFC Cstring Class
  27. What is the correct way to programmatically quit an MFC application?
  28. UTF-8, CString and CFile? (C++, MFC)
  29. Windows 7: how to bring a window to the front no matter what other window has focus?
  30. How to Use Timer in MFC Dialog based Application?
  31. How to compile VC++ 2010 projects using Visual Studio 2012 and Windows SDK 7.1
  32. How can you bring a control to front in mfc
  33. How to apply Test Driven development for GUI application(VC MFC)?
  34. MFC resources / links
  35. Resizing Controls in MFC
  36. Is there an auto-update framework for C++/Win32/MFC (like Sparkle)?
  37. Developing as a programmer
  38. Avoiding “(Not Responding)” label in windows while processing lots of data in one lump
  39. Does Microsoft Office 2010 make use of WPF or is it plain old MFC?
  40. How to host a WPF form in a MFC application
  41. What are Windows “USER objects”
  42. What is the lifetime of a CWnd obtained from CWnd::FromHandle?
  43. How to load a png resource into picture control on a dialog box?
  44. Adding a tooltip to CMenu item(s)
  45. Future proofing a large UI Application - MFC with 2008 Feature pack, or C# and Winforms?
  46. How can an MFC application terminate itself?
  47. How to enable the TRACE macro in Release mode?
  48. Higher color depth for MFC toolbar icons?
  49. MFC and STL
  50. How to determine if the current window is the active window?