nhibernate 233

  1. What's the Hi/Lo algorithm?
  2. What are First and Second Level caching in Hibernate?
  3. NHibernate ISession Flush: Where and when to use it, and why?
  4. NHibernate.MappingException: No persister for: XYZ
  5. NHibernate vs LINQ to SQL
  6. Entity Framework 4 vs NHibernate
  7. How can you do paging with NHibernate?
  8. Moq: Invalid setup on a non-overridable member: x => x.GetByTitle(“asdf”)
  9. List vs Set vs Bag in NHibernate
  10. Are there good reasons not to use an ORM?
  11. Criteria SpatialRestrictions.IsWithinDistance NHibernate.Spatial
  12. How do you map an enum as an int value with fluent NHibernate?
  13. What's the difference between session.Merge and session.SaveOrUpdate?
  14. What is the difference between JoinQueryOver and JoinAlias?
  15. Best way to convert IList or IEnumerable to Array
  16. Inverse Attribute in NHibernate
  17. Unable to cast object of type NHibernate.Collection.Generic.PersistentGenericBag to List
  18. How to delete child object in NHibernate?
  19. Subsonic Vs NHibernate
  20. When to use inverse=false on NHibernate / Hibernate OneToMany relationships?
  21. How to make a method generic when “type 'T' must be a reference type”?
  22. Fetch vs FetchMany in NHibernate Linq provider

  23. Referencing 2 different versions of log4net in the same solution
  24. Linq to NHibernate
  25. Best way to save a ordered List to the Database while keeping the ordering
  26. Disable NHibernate logging
  27. Linq for NHibernate and fetch mode of eager loading
  28. Tradeoffs using NHibernate 3.0 QueryOver or LINQ provider
  29. Which .NET data type is best for mapping the NUMBER Oracle data type in NHibernate?
  30. Deciding between NHibernate vs Entity Framework?
  31. How can I have NHibernate only generate the SQL without executing it?
  32. What should be the lifetime of an NHibernate session?
  33. How to log SQL calls with NHibernate to the console of Visual Studio?
  34. Identifying NHibernate proxy classes
  35. NHibernate or Fluent NHibernate?
  36. Eagerly fetch multiple collection properties (using QueryOver/Linq)?
  37. Could not load file or assembly crdb_adoplus.dll
  38. What is a Projection?
  39. What are the differences between HasOne and References in nhibernate?
  40. What exactly is “persistence ignorance”?
  41. How to Command Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS) with ASP.NET MVC?
  42. Explanation of NHibernate HiLo
  43. Best way to delete all rows in a table using NHibernate?
  44. NHibernate Transactions on Reads
  45. Install NHibernate 3.2 with NuGet
  46. Free alternatives to NHibernate profiler?
  47. Criteria.DISTINCT_ROOT_ENTITY vs Projections.distinct
  48. How to configure fluent nHibernate with MySQL
  49. Problem using SQLite :memory: with NHibernate
  50. JSON.NET and nHibernate Lazy Loading of Collections