nlp 264

  1. What statistics should a programmer (or computer scientist) know?
  2. How does the Google “Did you mean?” Algorithm work?
  3. Java Stanford NLP: Part of Speech labels?
  4. Similarity between two text documents
  5. How does Apple find dates, times and addresses in emails?
  6. Detecting syllables in a word
  7. How do you implement a “Did you mean”?
  8. How do I do word Stemming or Lemmatization?
  9. How to train the Stanford Parser with Genia Corpus?
  10. Java or Python for Natural Language Processing
  11. How can I correctly prefix a word with “a” and “an”?
  12. Is there a good natural language processing library
  13. Sentiment analysis for Twitter in Python
  14. what is the true difference between lemmatization vs stemming?
  15. Any tutorials for developing chatbots?
  16. Difference between constituency parser and dependency parser
  17. Practical examples of NLTK use
  18. Where can I learn more about the Google search “did you mean” algorithm?
  19. Stanford Parser and NLTK
  20. How to get rid of punctuation using NLTK tokenizer?
  21. Fuzzy string search library in Java
  22. Natural Language Processing in Ruby
  23. Creating a new corpus with NLTK
  24. How to compute precision, recall, accuracy and f1-score for the multiclass case with scikit learn?
  25. Stemmers vs Lemmatizers
  26. Algorithm to determine how positive or negative a statement/text is
  27. Is there an algorithm that tells the semantic similarity of two phrases
  28. What programming language is most like natural language?
  29. Stopword removal with NLTK
  30. Is there a human readable programming language?
  31. How to config nltk data directory from code?
  32. Calculate cosine similarity given 2 sentence strings
  33. How to read values from numbers written as words?
  34. Looking for Java spell checker library
  35. What are good starting points for someone interested in natural language processing?
  36. Code Golf: Number to Words
  37. How can I split multiple joined words?
  38. What are the major differences and benefits of Porter and Lancaster Stemming algorithms?
  39. Stemming algorithm that produces real words
  40. How to detect language of user entered text?
  41. Hamming Distance vs. Levenshtein Distance
  42. Word frequency algorithm for natural language processing
  43. What Is the Difference Between POS Tagging and Shallow Parsing?
  44. Natural language date/time parser for .NET?
  45. Ordinal numbers replacement
  46. Named Entity Recognition Libraries for Java
  47. How do I determine if a random string sounds like English?
  48. Natural English language words
  49. How to split a string into words. Ex: “stringintowords” -> “String Into Words”?
  50. How can I use NLP to parse recipe ingredients?