nosql 229

  1. What NoSQL solutions are out there for .NET?
  2. When to use CouchDB over MongoDB and vice versa
  3. When to Redis? When to MongoDB?
  4. Is there any NoSQL database as simple as SQLite?

  5. Difference between scaling horizontally and vertically for databases
  6. NoSQL (MongoDB) vs Lucene (or Solr) as your database
  7. Difference between CouchDB and Couchbase
  8. How do you query this in Mongo? (is not null)
  9. Explanation of JSONB introduced by PostgreSQL
  10. What does MongoDB not being ACID compliant really mean?
  11. Add new field to a collection in MongoDB
  12. What scalability problems have you encountered using a NoSQL data store?
  13. NoSQL Use Case Scenarios or WHEN to use NoSQL
  14. Is there a query language for JSON?
  15. How to run MongoDB as Windows service?
  16. Amazon SimpleDB vs Amazon DynamoDB
  17. Storing time-series data, relational or non?
  18. What is NoSQL, how does it work, and what benefits does it provide?
  19. Possibility of duplicate Mongo ObjectId's being generated in two different collections?
  20. NoSQL - MongoDB vs CouchDB
  21. When NOT to use Cassandra?
  22. DynamoDB vs MongoDB NoSQL
  23. Good reasons NOT to use a relational database?
  24. Use cases for NoSQL
  25. How to empty a redis database?
  26. NoSql vs Relational database
  27. What is Hash and Range Primary Key?
  28. Is there any NoSQL data store that is ACID compliant?
  29. SQL (MySQL) vs NoSQL (CouchDB)
  30. Non-Relational Database Design
  31. When should I use a NoSQL database instead of a relational database? Is it okay to use both on the same site?
  32. Difference between HBase and Hadoop/HDFS
  33. CAP theorem - Availability and Partition Tolerance
  34. NoSql Crash Course/Tutorial
  35. What does “Document-oriented” vs. Key-Value mean when talking about MongoDB vs Cassandra?
  36. Explanation of BASE terminology
  37. What's the best way of structuring data on firebase?
  38. Where does mongodb stand in the CAP theorem?
  39. MongoDB/NoSQL: Keeping Document Change History
  40. MongoDB with redis
  41. How do you track record relations in NoSQL?
  42. MongoDB: How to update multiple documents with a single command?
  43. What does Redis do when it runs out of memory?
  44. Is mongodb running?
  45. Large scale data processing Hbase vs Cassandra
  46. Cassandra port usage - how are the ports used?
  47. What is an SSTable?
  48. Best data store for billions of rows
  49. Can I do transactions and locks in CouchDB?
  50. Eventual consistency in plain English