opengl 387

  1. Once upon a time, when > was faster than < … Wait, what?
  2. How do you render primitives as wireframes in OpenGL?
  3. How are 3D games so efficient?
  4. What is state-of-the-art for text rendering in OpenGL as of version 4.1?
  5. How to debug a GLSL shader?
  6. What does glLoadIdentity() do in OpenGL?
  7. What is the correct file extension for GLSL shaders?
  8. Differences and relationship between glActiveTexture and glBindTexture
  9. Using OpenGl with C#?
  10. What's the concept of and differences between Framebuffer and Renderbuffer in OpenGL?
  11. What are the differences between glu, glew, glut, qt, sdl, openGL and webGL?
  12. glVertexAttribPointer clarification
  13. The purpose of Model View Projection Matrix
  14. opengl: glFlush() vs. glFinish()
  15. Vertex shader vs Fragment Shader
  16. What are Vertex Array Objects?
  17. How to make an OpenGL rendering context with transparent background?
  18. Python - No handlers could be found for logger “OpenGL.error”
  19. Why are quaternions used for rotations?
  20. How does OpenGL work at the lowest level?
  21. Is OpenGL coordinate system left-handed or right-handed?
  22. Drawing Sphere in OpenGL without using gluSphere()?
  23. How to compile for Windows on Linux with gcc/g++?
  24. Explain the usage of glOrtho()?
  25. What does “immediate mode” mean in OpenGL?
  26. Why does OpenGL use degrees instead of radians?
  27. OpenGL VAO best practices
  28. How does the fragment shader know what variable to use for the color of a pixel?
  29. OpenGL ES versus OpenGL
  30. OpenGL vs. OpenCL, which to choose and why?
  31. Passing a list of values to fragment shader
  32. What is so bad about GL_QUADS?
  33. GLSL/C++: Arrays of Uniforms?
  34. Abysmal OpenCL ImageSampling performance vs OpenGL TextureSampling
  35. What is the best way to debug OpenGL?
  36. How to get the GL library/headers?
  37. Rendering SVG with OpenGL (and OpenGL ES)
  38. What is the role of glBindVertexArrays vs glBindBuffer and what is their relationship?
  39. Why use hexadecimal constants?
  40. What is the difference between OpenCL and OpenGL's compute shader?
  41. Confusion between C++ and OpenGL matrix order (row-major vs column-major)
  42. What are some best practices for OpenGL coding (esp. w.r.t. object orientation)?
  43. Proper way to delete GLSL shader?
  44. Segmentation fault at glGenVertexArrays( 1, &vao );
  45. set the texture for by glUniform1i
  46. Efficient off-screen rendering of QPainterPaths (OpenGL and non-OpenGL solution required)
  47. How do you install GLUT and OpenGL in Visual Studio 2012?
  48. Why does my OpenGL Phong shader behave like a flat shader?
  49. Rendering meshes with multiple indices
  50. Learning OpenGL in Ubuntu