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QtQuick works perfectly well with Qt5.2. My suggestion is that you built Qt5.2 from source, instead of simply installing it, i.e. you clone it from Gitorious. After you check all the details, once you put it to build, go for a coffee as it will take a while to finish it.

Also, have you installed the Android SDK and NDK? If not, my suggestion is that you install the Studio Android.

You will also have to be very careful in making all the environment setups for your cross-compiling tool-chain otherwise it will not work. Check in the sequence what I have for my development settings.

Ant is also part of the installation, as you probably won't wish to miss that.

In the end if you have done all the settings accordingly, without forgetting anything, then you just need to select Qt Quick Application.

And it will work, as qt quick is officially supported on Android Qt5.2.

I built Qt5 for Android with the step by step tutorial from this link: Building Qt 5 for Android.

Now, i'm able to build and deploy QWidget Applications to my nexus 7. But if i try to build a QtQuick Application with the given template of QtCreator 2.7.1, i get the following error:

Project ERROR: Unknown module(s) in QT: quick qml

I did every build step exactly as described in the tutorial. Has anybody else faced this error?

You should follow the underscore with the number 1. So if your package name contains ing_simmons then your JNI would be formed like so.

void Java_co_uk_ing_1simmons_aberdeensoundsites_Record_initEncoder

This is true also if you have underscores in any other part of the call, such as class name or method name in the Java file.

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