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How to disable the “autodeploy” to server feature in an Eclipse web project (2)

I am using Eclipse (J2EE Galileo) and have created a dynamic web project and associated it with a server (JBoss).

Now, whenever I make changes to one of my JSP pages, Eclipse will build and autodeploy the WAR file to the server. This is sometimes useful, but sometimes more in the way for me.

I would like to disable this feature, and instead just use the "publish" feature to deploy whenever I want. I still want to run the server from within Eclipse.

But I cannot find a setting for this, can someone give me a hint?

Open the servers view. (Window -> Show view -> Servers)

From the servers view open your server configuration and will show a page with your server name, runtime environment, etc.

In that page there will be a collapsed panel titled 'publishing' that let's you configure when to publish or disable the automatic publishing.

Under Project -> Build automatically has to be unchecked.