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Convert DateTime in C# to yyyy-MM-dd format and Store it to MySql DateTime Field (4)

GetDateTimeFormats can parse DateTime to different formats. Example to "yyyy-MM-dd" format.



I am trying to convert DateTime format to yyyy-MM-dd format and store it to DateTime object. But it gives me the System DateTime format that is MM/dd/yyyy.
I am using following code to convert.

string dateTime = DateTime.Now.ToString();
string createddate = Convert.ToDateTime(dateTime).ToString("yyyy-MM-dd h:mm tt");         
DateTime dt = DateTime.ParseExact(createddate, "yyyy-MM-dd h:mm tt",CultureInfo.InvariantCulture);

but non of the above line converts into the specified format.
Can any one help to solve this.

I am getting the DateTime from one application and passing this object to other application and That application is storing that date into MySql's DateTime field which is in the format "yyyy-MM-dd".
This is why I have posted this question.

Project 1 has class from that I am getting the date. and the processor class which is the middle ware of the application it processes the DateTime format to convert in specific format. And passes to the Other project which consumes the DateTime and stores that in the MySql field.

Have you tried?

var isoDateTimeFormat = CultureInfo.InvariantCulture.DateTimeFormat;

// "2013-10-10T22:10:00"

// "2013-10-10 22:10:00Z"    

Also try using parameters when you store the c# datetime value in the mySql database, this might help.

Use DateTime.Now.ToString("yyyy-MM-dd h:mm tt");. See this.

We can use the below its very simple.