recursive - sudo chmod 755

Differences between CHMOD 755 vs 750 permissions set (4)

I have some files with 755 and i need to change them to 750, but i am not sure if this can affect some process.

I am changin JARs, XMLs, LOGs and properitees files.

Can someone explain to me the difference between these two permission set?


  1. Check that the user running PHP (apache?) also has permissions to change into each of the directories above the 'x' directory: images, workspace, etc.
  2. Check that there are no ACLs on the 'x' directory that prevent writing by the relevant user.
  3. Look into SELinux if it's enabled. (I don't have anything to offer on this point but apparently it can prevent writing to directories that have been moved in from somewhere else.

0755 = User:rwx Group:r-x World:r-x

0750 = User:rwx Group:r-x World:--- (i.e. World: no access)

r = read
w = write
x = execute (traverse for directories)

Apache PHP cannot write file at any permission level

Possibly a silly question, but did you make sure you have sufficient permissions for the file you are executing, the folder you intend to write to, and also the necessary permissions for the apache file???

And I think 750 is r-x, i.e. no write permission!!

Differences between CHMOD 755 vs 750 permissions set