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Xcode “Cannot parse contents of Info.plist” (5)

I just hit a brick wall with xCode not wanting to parse my Info.plist file. I've replaced the file several times with older (identical) versions of the file that I had previously backed up, and I'm still getting the same error.

Here is the complete error message:

couldn't parse contents of '/Users/...Info.plist': The data couldn’t be read because it isn’t in the correct format.

I'm clueless on this one. I'm using xCode 5.0.1, Mavericks

Another cause of this issue can be from attempting to put URLs (really just slashes etc.) in your app-Info.plist.

Get around it by simply raising the -traditional flag inside of the Info.plist Other Preprocessor Flags option in your project build settings.

I personally ruined the file when git merge raised conflicts. .plist is an XML file and git conflict added <<<< and >>>> in there to tag the differences.

Find the .plist file in Finder (in one of your project's folders). Open it in a text editor, find the lines that don't look like proper XML, remove them and be sure to remove the duplicate XML line/node (due to pre and post git recorded changes).

I was having the same error, and realized the issue was that I had a URL (e.g. as a value in my Info.plist, and I just switched on pre-processing for it (without the -traditional flag). Apparently Xcode will treat the // as a comment marker, and omit the rest of the line.

A work-around I found is to embrace the pre-processor, like so: http:/${}/, which breaks up the // by putting an empty string substation in the middle so it doesn't look like a comment to Xcode, but after pre-processing it's back to a normal URL.

Looks like replacing the file with a backup, then deleting the derived data for the project in Organizer was the cure. Hope this helps someone else later on.

When building for iOS, the Info.plist may be corrupted whenever Default Orientation is set to Auto Rotation. The Info.plist file is created properly on the first build, but subsequent builds results in...


... at this point Xcode fails to build the project.