with - How to escape spaces in path during scp copy in Linux?

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I'm new to linux, I want to copy a file from remote to local system... now I'm using scp command in linux system.. I have some folders or files names are with spaces, when I try to copy that file, it shows the error message: "No such file or directory"

I tried:

scp [email protected]:'/home/5105/test/gg/Untitled Folder/a/qy.jpg' /var/www/try/

I saw the some reference online but I don't understand perfectly, can any one help on this?

how can I escape spaces in file name or directory names during copying...

Also you can do something like:

scp [email protected]:"\"apath/with spaces in it/\""

The first level of quotes will be interpreted by scp and then the second level of quotes will preserve the spaces.

Basically you need to escape it twice, because it's escaped locally and then on the remote end.

There are a couple of options you can do (in bash):

scp [email protected]:"'web/tmp/Master File 18 10 13.xls'" .
scp [email protected]:"web/tmp/Master\ File\ 18\ 10\ 13.xls" .
scp [email protected]:web/tmp/Master\\\ File\\\ 18\\\ 10\\\ 13.xls .

Use 3 backslashes to escape spaces in names of directories:

scp [email protected]:/path/to/directory\\\ with\\\ spaces/file ~/Downloads

should copy to your Downloads directory the file from the remote directory called directory with spaces.


scp localhost:"f/a\ b\ c" .

scp localhost:'f/a\ b\ c' .

does not work

scp localhost:'f/a b c' .

The reason is that the string is interpreted by the shell before the path is passed to the scp command. So when it gets to the remote the remote is looking for a string with unescaped quotes and it fails

To see this in action, start a shell with the -vx options ie bash -vx and it will display the interpolated version of the command as it runs it.