javascript - value - ng-selected with ng-options

in angularjs, how do you get a `select` to refresh when the array for ng-options changes? (1)

have an select based on any array. the elements in the array may change. how do I get the angular controller to refresh the array?


var langMod = angular.module('langMod', []);
langMod.controller( .controller( 'colorCntl', function($scope) {
  $scope.color = 'wt';
  $scope.colorArr = [
    { id: 'br', name: 'brown' },
    { id: 'wt', name: 'white' }


<form ng-controller='wordCntl' >
  <select ng-model="color" ng-options=" as for c in colorArr">
     <option value=''>-- chose color --</option>

from the console:

> scope = angular.element(document.querySelector('select')).scope();
> scope.colorArr.push( { id:'bk', name:'black' } );
note! the select dropdown still only has brown and white, not black

how do I get the select to refresh so that all elements in colorArr are options?

Angular uses watchers, and will only update the UI if a digest loop has been kicked off.

Normally you would be adding to the array via some event in the UI, or by calling the $http service, and those take care of kicking off a $digest() for you.

Since you are just adding directly to the array, Angular does not know anything has changed, and therefore does not update the UI.

Wrap your statement inside of a scope.$apply(function(){ //code }); instead.