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What point should someone decide to switch Database Systems (2)

BrianLy hit the nail on the head, but I'd also add that you may end up using different databases at different levels of development. It's not uncommon for developers to use SQLite on their workstation when they're coding against their personal development server, and then have the staging and/or production sites using a different database tool.

Of course, if you're using extensions or capabilities specific to a certain database tool (say, PostGIS in PostGreSQL), then obviously that wouldn't work.

When developing whether its Web or Desktop at which point should a developer switch from SQLite, MySQL, MS SQL, etc

It depends on what you are doing. You might switch if:

  • You need more scalability or better performance - say from SQLite to SQL Server or Oracle.
  • You need access to more specific datatypes.
  • You need to support a customer that only runs a particular database.
  • You need better DBA tools.
  • Your application is using a different platform where your database no longer runs, or it's libraries do not run.

There are many more reasons for switching and it all depends on your requirements.