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I had the similar problem with Win-8 and python-3.4 32 bit , I got it resolved by downloading same version from .

Next step will be to hit the repair button and Install the Tk/tkinter Package or Just hit the repair. Now should get Python34/Lib/tkinter Module present. The import tkinter should work ..

My Idle is throwing errors that and says tkinter can't be imported.

Is there a simple way to install tkinter via pip or easy_install?

There seem to be a lot of package names flying around for this...

This and other assorted variations with tkinter-pypy aren't working.

pip install python-tk

I'm on Windows with Python 2.7 and can't apt-get.


When you install python for Windows, use the standard option or install everything it asks. I got the error because I deselected tcl.

Well i can see two solutions here:

1) Follow the Docs-Tkinter install for Python (for Windows):

Tkinter (and, since Python 3.1, ttk) are included with all standard Python distributions. It is important that you use a version of Python supporting Tk 8.5 or greater, and ttk. We recommend installing the "ActivePython" distribution from ActiveState, which includes everything you'll need.

In your web browser, go to, and follow along the links to download the Community Edition of ActivePython for Windows. Make sure you're downloading a 3.1 or newer version, not a 2.x version.

Run the installer, and follow along. You'll end up with a fresh install of ActivePython, located in, e.g. C:\python32. From a Windows command prompt, or the Start Menu's "Run..." command, you should then be able to run a Python shell via:

% C:\python32\python

This should give you the Python command prompt. From the prompt, enter these two commands:

>>> import tkinter
>>> tkinter._test()

This should pop up a small window; the first line at the top of the window should say "This is Tcl/Tk version 8.5"; make sure it is not 8.4!

2) Uninstall 64-bit Python and install 32 bit Python.

When installing make sure that under Tcl/Tk you select Will be installed on hard drive. If it is installing with a cross at the left then Tkinter will not be installed.

The same goes for Python 3:

if your using python 3.4.1 just write this line from tkinter import * this will put everything in the module into the default namespace of your program. in fact instead of referring to say a button like tkinter.Button you just type Button

I solved the same problem using these two commands 100%

sudo yum -y update
sudo yum -y install python36u-tkinter

In python Tkinter was default package ,repair at the time we can select the Tcl/Tk , in c directory the tkinter stored in C:\Python27\DLLs_tkinter.pyd on that place , reinstall otherwise directly put the (_tkinter.pyd)file into DLLsenter image description here

The Tkinter library is built in with every Python installation. And since you are on windows, I believe you installed python through the binaries on their website?

if so, Then most probably you are typing the command wrong. It should be:

import Tkinter as tk

Note the capital T at the beginning of Tkinter.

For Python 3,

import tkinter as tk

To use pip, it is not mandatory that you need to install pip in the system directly. You can use it through virtualenv. What you can do is follow these steps:

We normally need to install Python packages for one particular project. So, now create a project folder, let’s say myproject.

  • Copy the file from the decompressed folder of virtualenv, and paste inside the myproject folder

Now create a virtual environment, let’s say myvirtualenv as follows, inside the myproject folder:

python myvirtualenv

It will show you:

New python executable in myvirtualenv\Scripts\python.exe
Installing setuptools....................................done.
Installing pip.........................done.

Now your virtual environment, myvirtualenv, is created inside your project folder. You might notice, pip is now installed inside you virtual environment. All you need to do is activate the virtual environment with the following command.


You will see the following at the command prompt:

(myvirtualenv) PATH\TO\YOUR\PROJECT\FOLDER>pip install package_name

Now you can start using pip, but make sure you have activated the virtualenv looking at the left of your prompt.

This is one of the easiest way to install pip i.e. inside virtual environment, but you need to have file with you.

For more ways to install pip/virtualenv/virtualenvwrapper, you can refer to

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