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How to programmatically create a round cornered border using ShapeDrawable in android? (3)

If you need evenly rounded corners (and from your example it seems you do) you can simply use GradentDrawable with a solid color

GradientDrawable gd = new GradientDrawable();
gd.setStroke(2, Color.WHITE);


GradientDrawable documentation can be found here.

Edit: For each corner separately

You can specify radius of each corner separately using setCornerRadii (float[] radii) method. "For each corner, the array contains 2 values, [X_radius, Y_radius]. The corners are ordered top-left, top-right, bottom-right, bottom-left. This property is honored only when the shape is of type RECTANGLE.

It is recommended to invoke mutate() before changing this property.

I need to create a border with rounded corners programatically by extending ShapeDrawable. I need to have a black border with rounded corners with the pixels on the outside being white and the inner pixels being transparent. The code I have at the moment has multiple problems, of which are that it does not create a smooth corner that is the same thickness as the border and that the outer pixels of the border are transparent and not white.

Here is a picture of the corners I am currently getting

Here is the code where I am passing Color.TRANSPARENT for 'fill' in the constructor:

public class CustomShape extends ShapeDrawable {
 private final Paint fillpaint, strokepaint;
public CustomShape(int fill, int strokeWidth,int radius) {

    super(new RoundRectShape(new float[] { radius, radius, radius, radius, radius, radius, radius, radius }, null, null));
    fillpaint = new Paint(this.getPaint());
    strokepaint = new Paint(fillpaint);

protected void onDraw(Shape shape, Canvas canvas, Paint paint) {
    shape.draw(canvas, fillpaint);
    shape.draw(canvas, strokepaint);


In addition to specify the round corner dimens you can use GradientDrawable and the method setCornerRadii()

GradientDrawable d = new GradientDrawable();

GradientDrawable drawable = (GradientDrawable)image.getBackground();