ios - how - xcode copy view from one storyboard to another

Can I copy a storyboard from one project to another project? (2)

Method 1

Select the View Controller in the storyboard and press Command + C to copy. Then press Command + V to paste in the second storyboard. Check the document outline to see where it was pasted to.

Method 2

Right click the storyboard file in the Project Navigator and select Open As > Source Code. Scroll down the XML code until you find your View Controller. It will look something like this:

<!--My View Controller-->
<scene sceneID="tne-QT-ifu">

Copy this and paste it in the second project's storyboard file.


  • You must also copy over the view controller swift file, of course, but the outlets shouldn't need to be reconnected.

To reuse a storyboard, could I simply copy it from one project to another project (then make modification to the storyboard as required)?

As @Muhammad said you can and it is very simple!

  • You just have to drag the Storyboard file from one project to another and select all options (The same procedure as importing anything else!).
  • Next, you just need to go to your project options by clicking on the project icon in the left upper side of project navigator.
  • Then you just need to select this storyboard to be your storyboard and that's it.