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Match all occurrences of a regex (2)

Is there a quick way to find every match of a regular expression in Ruby? I've looked through the Regex object in the Ruby STL and searched on Google to no avail.

For finding all the matching strings, Use scan method of String class.

str = "A 54mpl3 string w1th 7 numb3rs scatter36 ar0und"
#=> ["54", "3", "1", "7", "3", "36", "0"]

If you rather want MatchData which is the type of the object returned by, match method of Regexp classs, use the following

str.to_enum(:scan, /\d+/).map { Regexp.last_match }
#=> [#<MatchData "54">, #<MatchData "3">, #<MatchData "1">, #<MatchData "7">, #<MatchData "3">, #<MatchData "36">, #<MatchData "0">]

The benefit of having MatchData is that you can use methods like offset

match_datas = str.to_enum(:scan, /\d+/).map { Regexp.last_match }
#=> [2, 4]
#=> [7, 8]

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Reading about special variables $&, $', $1, $2 in ruby will be super helpful.

Using scan should do the trick: