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How to rename files and folder in Amazon S3? (10)

As answered by Naaz direct renaming of s3 is not possible.

i have attached a code snippet which will copy all the contents

code is working just add your aws access key and secret key

here's what i did in code

-> copy the source folder contents(nested child and folders) and pasted in the destination folder

-> when the copying is complete, delete the source folder


import java.util.List;

import com.amazonaws.auth.AWSCredentials;
import com.amazonaws.auth.BasicAWSCredentials;

public class Test {

public static boolean renameAwsFolder(String bucketName,String keyName,String newName) {
    boolean result = false;
    try {
        AmazonS3 s3client = getAmazonS3ClientObject();
        List<S3ObjectSummary> fileList = s3client.listObjects(bucketName, keyName).getObjectSummaries();
        //some meta data to create empty folders start
        ObjectMetadata metadata = new ObjectMetadata();
        InputStream emptyContent = new ByteArrayInputStream(new byte[0]);
        //some meta data to create empty folders end

        //final location is the locaiton where the child folder contents of the existing folder should go
        String finalLocation = keyName.substring(0,keyName.lastIndexOf('/')+1)+newName;
        for (S3ObjectSummary file : fileList) {
            String key = file.getKey();
            //updating child folder location with the newlocation
            String destinationKeyName = key.replace(keyName,finalLocation);
                //if name ends with suffix (/) means its a folders
                PutObjectRequest putObjectRequest = new PutObjectRequest(bucketName, destinationKeyName, emptyContent, metadata);
                //if name doesnot ends with suffix (/) means its a file
                CopyObjectRequest copyObjRequest = new CopyObjectRequest(bucketName, 
                        file.getKey(), bucketName, destinationKeyName);
        boolean isFodlerDeleted = deleteFolderFromAws(bucketName, keyName);
        return isFodlerDeleted;
    } catch (Exception e) {
    return result;

public static boolean deleteFolderFromAws(String bucketName, String keyName) {
    boolean result = false;
    try {
        AmazonS3 s3client = getAmazonS3ClientObject();
        //deleting folder children
        List<S3ObjectSummary> fileList = s3client.listObjects(bucketName, keyName).getObjectSummaries();
        for (S3ObjectSummary file : fileList) {
            s3client.deleteObject(bucketName, file.getKey());
        //deleting actual passed folder
        s3client.deleteObject(bucketName, keyName);
        result = true;
    } catch (Exception e) {
    return result;

public static void main(String[] args) {
    boolean result = renameAwsFolder(bucketName, keyName, newName);

private static AWSCredentials credentials = null;
private static AmazonS3 amazonS3Client = null;
private static final String ACCESS_KEY = "";
private static final String SECRET_ACCESS_KEY = "";
private static final String bucketName = "";
private static final String keyName = "";
//renaming folder c to x from key name
private static final String newName = "";

public static void intializeAmazonObjects() {
    credentials = new BasicAWSCredentials(ACCESS_KEY, SECRET_ACCESS_KEY);
    amazonS3Client = new AmazonS3Client(credentials);

public static AmazonS3 getAmazonS3ClientObject() {
    return amazonS3Client;


Is there any function to rename files and folders in Amazon S3? Any related suggestions are also welcome.

I just tested this and it works:

aws s3 --recursive mv s3://<bucketname>/<folder_name_from> s3://<bucket>/<folder_name_to>

I've just got this working. You can use the AWS SDK for PHP like this:

use Aws\S3\S3Client;

$sourceBucket = '*** Your Source Bucket Name ***';
$sourceKeyname = '*** Your Source Object Key ***';
$targetBucket = '*** Your Target Bucket Name ***';
$targetKeyname = '*** Your Target Key Name ***';        

// Instantiate the client.
$s3 = S3Client::factory();

// Copy an object.
    'Bucket'     => $targetBucket,
    'Key'        => $targetKeyname,
    'CopySource' => "{$sourceBucket}/{$sourceKeyname}",

There is no direct method to rename the file in s3. what do you have to do is copy the existing file with new name (Just set the target key) and delete the old one.

There is no way to rename a folder through the GUI, the fastest (and easiest if you like GUI) way to achieve this is to perform an plain old copy. To achieve this: create the new folder on S3 using the GUI, get to your old folder, select all, mark "copy" and then navigate to the new folder and choose "paste". When done, remove the old folder.

This simple method is very fast because it is copies from S3 to itself (no need to re-upload or anything like that) and it also maintains the permissions and metadata of the copied objects like you would expect.

This is now possible for Files, select the file then select More > Rename in the GUI.

To rename a folder, you instead have to create a new folder, and select the contents of the old one and copy/paste it across (Under "More" again)

This works for renaming the file in the same folder

aws s3  mv s3://bucketname/folder_name1/test_original.csv s3://bucket/folder_name1/test_renamed.csv

aws s3 cp s3://source_folder/ s3://destination_folder/ --recursive
aws s3 rm s3://source_folder --recursive