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TortoiseHg Apply a Patch (4)

From Repository Explorer, Repository > Import...

TortoiseHg allows you to email a patch file of your changes to someone, but does it support applying patches?

If so, how do you apply a patch using TortoiseHg?

Solution Thanks @Will Bickford for your help. I just found this feature listed as a TODO on the TortoiseHg site.

In 1.0, from Workbench: Repository > Import...

What may be also noteworthy is, that "Repository Explorer, Synchronize > Import..." (which internally does a "hg import") will automatically do a "commit" - this may not be always wanted behaviour.

Other possibility is to use unix "patch" command (on Windows perhaps use cygwin version) or use "hg import" directly with "--no-commit" option. Both will just make changes in working directory and you may review the changes and commit them later manually.