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Is there an equivalent of JMS in.NET? (4)

Everytime I need to use a good lib I always start checking Apache Project, so look what I've found: ActiveMQ NMS

Tale a look to this! Really recommended!

Is there an equivalent of JMS in .NET?

I am not quite clear on your question. Are you asking if there is a JMS specification implementation in .NET?

It depends on what JMS provider you are using. If you are using WebSphere MQ as JMS provider, then there is XMS .NET which is a JMS spec implementation for .NET.

The best equivalent is actually using JMS in .NET. This is possible with Spring.NET.

The best equivalent to JMS in .NET is probably the combination of WCF with the MSMQ binding. MSMQ is a pub/sub message router, and with WCF wrapped around it, you get a nice, efficient little enterprise eventing service. The following article discusses how to manage message queues with WCF: