when Is there an equivalent of JMS in.NET?

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Is there an equivalent of JMS in .NET?

The best equivalent is actually using JMS in .NET. This is possible with Spring.NET.

I am not quite clear on your question. Are you asking if there is a JMS specification implementation in .NET?

It depends on what JMS provider you are using. If you are using WebSphere MQ as JMS provider, then there is XMS .NET which is a JMS spec implementation for .NET.

I have never worked with JMS but you can't beat NServiceBus for async messaging in .net (built on top of MSMQ). Check it out at http://www.nservicebus.com/

You might want to have a look at Microsoft Message Queuing or MSMQ for short. They're similar, but definitely not equivalent.

It's an easy system to work with and there are a ton of resources on the web for it.

The best equivalent to JMS in .NET is probably the combination of WCF with the MSMQ binding. MSMQ is a pub/sub message router, and with WCF wrapped around it, you get a nice, efficient little enterprise eventing service. The following article discusses how to manage message queues with WCF: