ios8 - without - xcode console log

How to get device console in Xcode6? (3)

I am exploring iOS8 beta. I couldn't find the device console logs in "Window->Devices->MyiPad". Can someone tell me how I can get the console logs?

Here's an updated image of josef's answer with Xcode 7.3.1

1) Plug in the device and open Xcode

2) Choose Window -> Devices from the menu bar

3) Under the DEVICES section in the left column, choose the device

4) To see the device console, click the up-triangle at the bottom left of the right hand panel

5) Click the down arrow on the bottom right to save the console as a file

There's a small arrow pointing down under 'Installed Apps'. They've made it almost impossible to find on your own...

You are on the right way. Just click on the small arrows down (see the image)and it will show you the Logs.