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I just ran into this, and the pandas issue is still open, so I'm posting my workaround. Assuming df is my DataFrame and dtype is a dict mapping column names to types:

for k, v in dtype.items():
    df[k] = df[k].astype(v)

(note: use dtype.iteritems() in python 2)

For the reference:

I want to bring some data into a pandas DataFrame and I want to assign dtypes for each column on import. I want to be able to do this for larger datasets with many different columns, but, as an example:

myarray = np.random.randint(0,5,size=(2,2))
mydf = pd.DataFrame(myarray,columns=['a','b'], dtype=[float,int])

results in:

TypeError: data type not understood

I tried a few other methods such as:

mydf = pd.DataFrame(myarray,columns=['a','b'], dtype={'a': int})

TypeError: object of type 'type' has no len()

If I put dtype=(float,int) it applies a float format to both columns.

In the end I would like to just be able to pass it a list of datatypes the same way I can pass it a list of column names.

You may want to try passing in a dictionary of Series objects to the DataFrame constructor - it will give you much more specific control over the creation, and should hopefully be clearer what's going on. A template version (data1 can be an array etc.):

df = pd.DataFrame({'column1':pd.Series(data1, dtype='type1'),
                   'column2':pd.Series(data2, dtype='type2')})

And example with data:

df = pd.DataFrame({'A':pd.Series([1,2,3], dtype='int'),
                   'B':pd.Series([7,8,9], dtype='float')})

print (df)
   A  B
0  1  7.0
1  2  8.0
2  3  9.0

print (df.dtypes)
A     int32
B    float64
dtype: object