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iOS 8 devices aren't being recognized by iPhone Configuration Utility (3)

With the recent update to iOS 8 I have been unable to load my test devices using the iPhone Configuration Utility. Devices with iOS 8 are simply not recognized within the program. When iOS 7 was released there was no required update for the iPCU, though it did work with iOS 7. The latest version on Apple's support site (3.6.2) says that it supports up to iOS 6.1.

Does anyone have any insight? Alternatives?

iOS 8 + Xcode Method

Within Xcode 6:

In the menu, open Window -> Devices. Select your device, and there's a little arrow at the bottom:

Click this and it will pop open the device console.

iPhone Configuration Utility Method

This has stopped working for me since iOS 8 was released, but evidently may work if iTunes is updated.

You can do this while plugged into your mac with the iPhone Configuration Utility. Not as portable, but still useful.

You can select your device on the sidebar, and among other options, one of the tabs is "Console".

This exists for Windows as well:

Not quite the same but it works.

Viewing the console log in iOS7

We're the creator of System Console -

It looks like in iOS7 the sandbox now prevents an app from seeing the logs of other apps. In iOS6 apps could no longer see kernel and system log entries. Now in iOS7 you can only see your own logs. For System Console this is obviously a deal breaker.

I don't see any apps store approved ways of getting around it.

It might be that we have to find a backdoor way of accessing the logs and release the source code to System Console with this method. i.e you build it yourself.