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How to import private framework headers in a Swift framework? (1)

You need to modify framework A, So that it export a private module.

  1. Create a private module map file in A project. This would be something like this:


    explicit module A.Private {
        // Here is the list of your private headers.
        header "Private1.h"
        header "Private2.h"
        export *
  2. In the "Build Settings" of framework A target, search "Private Module Map File" line, and make that:

  3. Do not include private.modulemap file in "Compile Sources". That causes unnecessary warnings.

  4. Clean and Build framework A target.

  5. In framework B Swift files. you can import the private module like this:

    import A
    import A.Private

I have an Objective-C framework (framework A) that exposes some public and some private headers. The public headers are also declared in the framework's umbrella header. I have a second Swift framework (framework B) that links with the Objective-C framework.

Now, if I want to import the public headers of A in B I simply need to do an import A.

But how do I go about importing the private headers?

I know a bridging header is not an option since that's not supported for frameworks. Do I need to somehow create a separate umbrella header for the private headers?