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Can I build Android apps with react native? (8)

Great news! Now its possible!

"And so it happens, the commit we're waiting since about 6 months!" -

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Watch this video:

The recently launched react native features just iOS app example and docs.

I've tried out Facebook react native on Android and it really worked.

Simple Ubuntu install guide can be found here

Simple js files: link

Sure, Using React Native you can build real mobile app. real app means close to platform or simply can say 99% native app.react native provide easy way for building native android app using javascript for lucrative design.You have basic knowledge of android studio and error fixing in android studio related native module integration and good understanding of react.js then you can build android app using react native. Basic Requirement for android app 1. Configure android studio please follow below link and avoid installation of python. . 2. for UI you will learn flex-box from official documentation. I thing that is enough

Yes , We can now developed android apps too in react-native.

and some of the apps are already developed in react-native for android suchs as:


2)Facebook ads manager


4)Discovery VR

5)Ziliun etc..

and many more still counting.

Developers from around the world now opting react-native for mobile app development because of easy of use of JSX syntax.

and also it is commonly noted as simply the V in MVC. Since React makes no assumptions about the rest of your technology stack, it's easily embeddable within an existing non-React Native app.

Yes, not just with android but also with iOS using XCode

Yes, you can make real-world mob application with React-Native. React-Native is used to create a hybrid mobile application. In this, we write code in javascript which gets converted to swift for ios and java for android.

No. You can't build Android apps with this release.

Facebook has indicated that they are working on an Android version, and famously said "give us 6 months", which some people have taken as a promise . I wouldn't base any important business decisions on the illusion that it will be unveiled when the 6 months is over, but you can at least take some hope in the fact that they're serious about making it production-ready before they give us access to it, and that it's not just a pie-in-the-sky hope.

Also, as others have pointed out, Facebook has already release apps that they've built with the Android version of React Native. So at least parts of it are ready for prime time.


Early support for React Native for Android has been pushed to GitHub!

As noted, there are several things that are currently not working if trying to port an application from iOS. But it's worth checking out.