c# - you - visual studio missing system reference

Visual Studio refuses to build project due to missing assembly reference that isn't missing (3)

1.remove all references

2.Build --> Clean solution

3.Clean your project using this project as sometimes visual studio fails to clean everything neatly.

I'm building a c# windows service and has added a couple of assembly references (to other projects of my own) to my project.

I get the following error when I build:

"Error 25 The type or namespace name 'TestClass' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?"

Interestingly enough, the reference path in the csproj-file is correct, and on top of that, classes and namespaces from the referenced project, that according to Visual Studio is missing, is being picked up by Intellisense and even the "go to definition" function works fine. Furthermore, I have other projects in the exact same folder as my new windows service and they picked up the assembly references just fine. All the referenced projects are included in the solution.

I use Visual Studio 2013 Update 3. There is really no code that I could show that would give you more information, but let me know if you want to see some screenshots or something.

Attempts so far:

Update When I select one of the "missing" references in the reference list, and go to properties, there is no path defined. Yet, the relative path is in the csproj-file as is correct. Confusing.

Update 2 Removing all the references, reloading the projects and then doing a clean fixed it for me. Apparently, the problem was caused by all dlls not being updated in the build stack.

Another possible issue could be mismatch in targeted versions of .NET between the assemblies. I experienced the same symptoms and setting the same version of framework did the trick for me.

Make sure you have choosen "Build Only" in the Error list don't choose "IntelliSense" that is waste of time.