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Xcode-how to see build command and log? (1)

Use the Report Navigator. On the left side of the project window, you should see a series of small buttons at the top. Click the rightmost button to switch to the Report Navigator. Or you can choose View > Navigators > Show Report Navigator.

The Report Navigator shows a list of recent builds. Select one to see the details of the build in the center of the project window. To see more detailed information on a specific step in the build, select it. You will see a small button on the right with a series of horizontal lines. Click that button to see the log for that build step.

I have build errors in my Xcode project (Objective-C), and I no longer "stumble upon" the build command string nor the build output logs. This is Xcode 6.3.1.

All I can inspect is a left-side panel listing errors/warnings.

I want the build command and build console output to compare between two projects; there's a platform-specific issue present in one but not the other; my intuition says that the build settings are different between the two and that seeing the output would be the easiest way to identify the diff.

How do I get to see the build command string, and, the build output logs in this xcode?