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How to only find videos that can be played on mobile? (1)

You can find various search parameter listed in YouTube API v2.0 – API Query Parameters like license, restriction, paid_content that can help filter videos that are restricted for such specific reason. Also, if you can use YouTube API v3.0 there is one more option videoSyndicated that will restrict a search to only videos that can be played outside

Does YouTube data API still not support this feature? I have been trying to find a way for more than a few months already, and there doesn't seem to be a reliable way to retrieve a list of video that can be absolutely played without restrictions on a certain device. An answer from a person who's involved in the team would be VERY appreciated.

Youtube API: Search videos playable on mobile devices might be relevant, but I am skeptical whether this approach can be used to solve "The content owner prohibited this video to be played on this platform" type of restrictions.

Update: On Nov, 7, 2015, there is still no way to filter the videos that are playable on a mobile device. More specifically, I want to find the videos that are playable on an embedded iFrame (ex. iOS helper library) using the YouTube data api v3. The available params for a search query are listed here.