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How am I able to push .txt files to the emulator using Android Studio?

Android Device monitor is no longer available in android studio.

If you are using android studio 3.0 and above.

  1. Go to "Device File Explorer" which is on the bottom right of android studio.
  2. If you have more than one device connected, select the device you want from the drop-down list on top.
  3. mnt>sdcard is the location for SD card on the emulator.
  4. Right click on the folder and click Upload. See the image below.

Note: You can upload folder as well not just individual files.

If you want to do it using graphical interface you can follow this inside android studio menus:

Tools --> Android --> Android Device Monitor

Afterward, Android Device Monitor(DDMS) window will open and you can upload files using File Explorer. You can select an address like /mnt/sdcard and then push your file into sdcard.


In Android 6.0+, you should use same process but your android application cannot access files which pushed inside SDCARD using DDMS File Explorer. It is the same if you try commands like this:

adb push myfile.txt /mnt/sdcard/myfile.txt

If you face EACCES (Permission denied) exception, it means you have no access to files inside external storage, since it is a dangerous permission.

For this situation, you need to request access grant manually using new permission system in Android 6.0 and upper version. For details you can have a look in android tutorial and this link .

Open command prompt and give the platform-tools path of the sdk. Eg:- C:\Android\sdk\platform-tools> Then type 'adb push' command like below,

C:\Android\sdk\platform-tools> adb push C:\MyFiles\fileName.txt /sdcard/fileName.txt

This command push the file to the root folder of the emulator.

You can use the ADB via a terminal to pass the file From Desktop to Emulator.

adb push <file-source-local> <destination-path-remote>

You can also copy file from emulator to Desktop

adb pull <file-source-remote> <destination-path>

How ever you can also use the Android Device Monitor to access files. Click on the Android Icon which can be found in the toolbar itself. It'll take few seconds to load. Once it's loaded, you can see a tab named "File Explorer". Now you could pull/push files from there.

refer johnml1135 answer, but not fully work.

after self investigate, work now:

as official say:


将任意文件拖动到模拟器屏幕上。文件将保存到 /sdcard/Download 目录中。使用适合 API 级别的方法导航到文件。例如,对于 API 22,导航路径为:Settings > Device:Storage & USB > Internal Storage > Explore(虚拟 SD 卡)。

and use Drag and Drop actually worked, but use android self installed app Download , then you can NOT find the copied file, for not exist so called /sdcard/Download folder.

finally using other file manager app, like

ES File Explorer

then can see the really path is


which contains the copied files, like


after drag and drop more mp3 files: