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Dark color scheme for Eclipse (14)

Is Eclipse at all theme-able? I would like to install a dark color scheme for it, since I much prefer white text on dark background than the other way around.

Easiest way: change the Windows Display Properties main window background color. I went to Appearance tab, changed to Silver scheme, clicked Advanced, clicked on "Active Window" and changed Color 1 to a light gray. All Eclipse views softened.

Since Luna (4.4) there seems to be a full Dark them in

Window -> Preferences -> General -> Appearance -> Theme -> Dark

For Linux users, assuming you run a compositing window manager (Compiz), you can just turn the window negative. I use Eclipse like this all the time, the normal (whitie) looks is blowing my eyes off.

I have to say, this is one area where Eclipse is really weak. Specifically, the import/export of preferences applies to ALL preferences. There is no way to import say just the fonts/color preferences (like you can with Visual Studio) without mucking up my key binding preferences.

Also, I have tried several of these preference files referenced above, and they completely break my Eclipse install.

I played with customizing the colors. I went with the yellow text/blue background I've liked from Turbo Pascal. The problem I ran into was it let you set the colors of the editors but then the other views like Package Explorer or Navigator stayed with the default black-on-white colors. I'm sure you could do it programatically but there are waaaay to many settings for my patience.

I've created several color themes, and a script to extract a new one from someone's color preferences. I'm currently using one I still have yet to post on the site, but I should eventually get to it.

Some people posted options for Linux and Mac, and the Windows (free) equivalent is, if you can deal with it globally:

Set Windows desktop appearance theme window background color. You can keep current/desired theme, just modify the background color of windows. By default, it is set to white. I change it to a shade of grey. I tried dark grey and black before, but then you have to change text font colors globally, and all that's painful.

But a simple shade of grey as background does the trick globally, works with any color text font as long as the shade of grey is not too dark.

It's not the best solution for all editors/IDEs, as I prefer black, but it's the next best free & global workaround on Windows.

The best solution I've found is to leave Eclipse in normal bright mode, and use an OS level screen inverter.

On OS X you can do Command + Option + Ctrl + 8, inverts the whole screen.

On Linux with Compiz, it's even better, you can do Windows + N to darken windows selectively (or Windows + M to do the whole screen).

On Windows, the only decent solution I've found is powerstrip, but it's only free for one year... then it's like $30 or something...

Then you can invert the screen, adjust the syntax-level colours to your liking, and you're off to the races, with cool shades on.