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How to get the Maven project window in Intellij 14 | Update: cannot see the right side “tab bar” with Maven project (3)

I have a very simple question, but I Googled and somehow I couldn't find it. I was wondering how can I get the

in Intellij 14 or something similar?

I saw it in a tutorial, but couldn't find the panel. In my case when I followed this video exactly, I couldn't see the panel and I couldn't find it anywhere. I have IntelliJ 14.

UPDATE I just experimented a bit with the Intellij interface but I can't seem to see the right hand side bar. See

First, make sure you have enabled maven plugin in

FileSettingsPluginsMaven Integration

If so and still the tool window is hidden then

go to ViewTool WindowsMaven Projects to open it.

For those stuck with this issue, enable View -> Tool Buttons.

You can find the Maven Projects pane by going to Help > Find Action or press Ctrl + Shift + A and type in "Maven Projects". However I can't see it anywhere in the elaborate menu's.