git - remove - visual studio.vs folder purpose

Should I add the Visual Studio 2015.vs folder to source control? (2)

As described in the quote taken from uservoice in Patrick's answer, the folder is not intended for source control.

However like comments also point out, there can be some cases where you would want to include specific files from the folder.

I would add this to .gitignore:


And then use whatever git tool you prefer to add certain files like a shared configuration of the applicationhost.config if needed.

Or use a git command like this:

git add -f .vs/config/applicationhost.config

This way git adds the file, even if it is ignored.

Visual Studio 2015 creates a new folder called ".vs". What is the purpose of it and should I add it to source control?

Github provides alot of .gitignore templates. In their template for visual studio they have ignored the .vs folder. Snippet from the template on github .

# Visual Studio 2015 cache/options directory