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Does google cloud have an analogous functionality to AWS Lambda?

In particular I would like compute resources to be opened up and jobs scheduled via https events.

I'm also interested in any other cloud hosting providers which have similar functionality.

Google Cloud Storage has Object Change Notification. Only web hooks are currently supported at this time.

A client application can send a request to watch for a bucket's change notification events in order to be notified about changes to a bucket's objects. After a notification channel is initiated, Google Cloud Storage notifies the application any time an object is added, updated, or removed from the bucket.

For example, when you add a new picture to a bucket, an application could be notified to create a thumbnail.

More info can be found at:

Regarding other providers that have similar functionality, check out IronWorker. You can kick off IronWorker tasks via https endpoints using the webhook endpoint and you can run jobs on multiple clouds. Here's a comparison of Lambda vs IronWorker.

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