pep - Contributing to Python


I guess one way would be to help with documentation (translation, updating), until you are aware enough about the language. Also following the devs and users mail groups would give you a pretty good idea of what is being done and needs to be done by the community.

I'm a pretty inexperienced programmer (can make tk apps, text processing, sort of understand oop), but Python is so awesome that I would like to help the community. What's the best way for a beginner to contribute?

Build something cool in Python and share it with others. Small values of cool are still cool. Not everyone gets to write epic, world-changing software.

Every problem solved well using Python is a way of showing how cool Python is.

  1. Add to the docs. it is downright crappy

  2. Help out other users on the dev and user mailing lists.

  3. TEST PYTHON. bugs in programming languages are real bad. And I have seen someone discover atleast 1 bug in python

  4. Frequent the #python channel on

You can also place the sql-statement in a seperate file action.sql and load it in the py file with

with open('action.sql') as f:
   query =

So the sql-statements will be separated from the python code. If there are parameters in the sql statement which needs to be filled from python, you can use string formating (like %s or {field})