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Groovy/grails how to determine a data type? (4)

What is the best way to determine the data type in groovy?

I'd like to format the output differently if it's a date, etc.

somObject instanceof Date

should be

somObject instanceOf Date

Just to add another option to Don's answer, you can also still use the good old java.lang.Object.getClass() method.

To determine the class of an object simply call:


You can abbreviate this to someObject.class in most cases. However, if you use this on a Map it will try to retrieve the value with key 'class'. Because of this, I always use getClass() even though it's a little longer.

If you want to check if an object implements a particular interface or extends a particular class (e.g. Date) use:

(somObject instanceof Date)

or to check if the class of an object is exactly a particular class (not a subclass of it), use:

(somObject.getClass() == Date)

You can use the Membership Operator isCase() which is another groovy way:

assert Date.isCase(new Date())