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Byte array to Hex string conversion in javascript (3)

A more concise and performant (see alternative using Array.reduce():

function toHexString(byteArray) {
  return byteArray.reduce((output, elem) => 
    (output + ('0' + elem.toString(16)).slice(-2)),

(Also without "& 0xFF" because in my opinion if an array is passed in that contains values larger than 255, the output should be messed up, so that the user can more easily see that their input was wrong.)

I have a byte array of the form [4,-101,122,-41,-30,23,-28,3,..] which I want to convert in the form 6d69f597b217fa333246c2c8 I'm using below function

function toHexString(bytes) {
  return {
    return (byte & 0xFF).toString(16)

which is giving me a string of the same form but I suspect that it's not an efficient conversion because the hex string is bit shorter than expected. I think translating should get "0a10a6dc". Please tell me if I'm wrong or is this a right conversion but maybe I'm not using the right byte array

byte array 4,-127,45,126,58,-104,41,-27,-43,27,-35,100,-50,-77,93,-16,96,105,-101,-63,48,-105,49,-67,110,111,26,84,67,-89,-7,-50,10,-12,56,47,-49,-42,-11,-8,-96,-117,-78,97,-105,9,-62,-44,-97,-73,113,96,23,112,-14,-62,103,-104,90,-14,117,78,31,-116,-7

Corresponding conversion 4812d7e3a9829e5d51bdd64ceb35df060699bc1309731bd6e6f1a5443a7f9ceaf4382fcfd6f5f8a08bb261979c2d49fb771601770f2c267985af2754e1f8cf9

Using map() won't work if the input is of a type like Uint8Array: the result of map() is also Uint8Array which can't hold the results of string conversion.

function toHexString(byteArray) {
  var s = '0x';
  byteArray.forEach(function(byte) {
    s += ('0' + (byte & 0xFF).toString(16)).slice(-2);
  return s;

You need to pad the hex conversion with the appropriate number of leading zeroes.