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I would like to suggest to use react-native-vector-icons to import icons to your project. As you use vector icons, you don't need to worry much on icon scaling side. While using the package you are able to use all popular icon set such as fontawesome, ionicons etc..

Besides these iconsets you can also bring your own icons too to your react-native project by packing your icons as a ttf file and you can import that ttf directly to both android and ios project. You can utilise the same react-native-vector-icons library to manage those icons

Here is a detailed procedure to setup custom icons

I am making a React Native app. I would like to customize the app icon (meaning the icon that you click on to start the app). I have Googled this, but I keep finding different types of icons that refer to different things. How do I add these types of icons to the app?

Someone made a very easy to use tool just for this task:

This simple tool allows you to create a single icon in your react-native project, then create icons of all required sizes from it. It currently works for iOS and Android.

I've used it. Made a 512x512 png and then ran that tool and boom, done. Super easy.

You can import react-native-elements and use the font-awesome icons to your react native app


npm install --save react-native-elements

then import that where you want to use icons

import { Icon } from 'react-native-elements'

Use it like

render() {

iOS Icons

  • Set AppIcon in Images.xcassets.
  • Add 9 different size icons:
    • 29pt
    • 29pt*2
    • 29pt*3
    • 40pt*2
    • 40pt*3
    • 57pt
    • 57pt*2
    • 60pt*2
    • 60pt*3.

Images.xcassets will look like this:

Android Icons

  • Put ic_launcher.png in folders [ProjectDirectory]/android/app/src/main/res/mipmap-*/.
    • 72*72 ic_launcher.png in mipmap-hdpi.
    • 48*48 ic_launcher.png in mipmap-mdpi.
    • 96*96 ic_launcher.png in mipmap-xhdpi.
    • 144*144 ic_launcher.png in mipmap-xxhdpi.
    • 192*192 ic_launcher.png in mipmap-xxxhdpi.

I wrote a generator to automatically generate icons for your react native app from a single icon file:

It generates your assets and it also adds them correctly to your ios and android project.

Install it

You need node 6 installed and image-magick.

Then install the generator with

npm install -g yo generator-rn-toolbox

Use it

Have a single icon file at the ready somewhere. The icon has to be 1024x1024 size.

Then in your React Native project, run:

yo rn-toolbox:assets --icon <path to your icon>
# For instance
yo rn-toolbox:assets --icon ../icon.png

You will be asked for the name of your react-native project. For instance, if you created your project with react-native init MyAwesomeProject, your project name is MyAwesomeProject.

When you are asked, ? Overwrite ios/MyAwesomeProject/Images.xcassets/AppIcon.appiconset/Contents.json?, reply with Y.

And... that's it!

Hope it can be useful for others :)

I was able to add an app icon to my react-native android project by following this guy's advice and using Android Asset Studio

Here it is, transcribed in case the link goes dead:

How to upload an Application Icon in React-Native Android

1) Upload your image to Android Asset Studio. Pick whatever effects you’d like to apply. The tool generates a zip file for you. Click Download .Zip.

2) Unzip the file on your machine. Then drag over the images you want to your /android/app/src/main/res/ folder. Make sure to put each image in the right subfolder mipmap-{hdpi, mdpi, xhdpi, xxhdpi, xxxhdpi}.

3) Do not (as I originally did) naively drag and drop the whole folder over your res folder. As you may be removing your /res/values/{strings,styles}.xml files altogether.

You'll need different sized icons for iOS and Android, like Rockvic said. In addition, I recommend this site for generating different sized icons if anybody is interested. You don't need to download anything and it works perfectly.

Hope it helps.

Use React Native Package Manager :

$ npm install rnpm -g Running

Installing dependency:

If you want to install a dependency and link it in one run:

$ rnpm install react-native-icons Linking dependency:

If you already have some installed (but not linked) modules, run:

$ rnpm link