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XCode Interface Builder is showing “No selection” for all files (6)

No matter what I've got selected in Interface Builder, the Inspector did apparently not register the selection and only showed "No selection".

I tried opening and closing files, restarting XCode and even rebooting my Mac. No change! What the heck is going on?

Other projects work just fine. It's just this project...

P.S.: For each of them who has tried all the above options like me: (try this also)

  1. Switch to the LaunchScreen.storyboard from your Main.storyboard

  2. See if you can access all the Inspectors on right side in LaunchScreen.storyboard .

if yes,

  1. Switch back to Main.storyboard

This worked for me! Hope that also help to someone. Thanks!

For me the bug was caused by missing interface restoration. I think it happens when I open the project file where the Assets editor was open last time. If I close the tab which containts the Assets editor, quit Xcode then open the project again, works fine.

I just run into the same issue. And I see there is solution already but it could help others: make sure you are in the Main.storyboard and not in the LaunchScreen.storyboard

Hope it helps!

If the above solutions don't work, try adding an object (e.g a label) onto the main storyboard. Brought all the inspectors back for me with xcode 7.3

The bug is weird. And all answers didn't help me. The following steps were useful for me:

  • go to project file.
  • Click on the button near "Launch Images Source"

After that Xcode shows assets in the proper way.

There is also possibility in Xcode 7.3.1. to switch between "Standard editor" and "Assistant editor" in the upper right corner to "deal" with this bug.