android - update - unity gradle version

“Gradle Version 2.10 is required.” Error (19)

As I've been using

classpath ''

In the build.gradle file, I got the following error since gradle version 2.10 has been released. The error is :

Warning:Gradle version 2.10 is required. Current version is 2.8. If using the gradle wrapper, try editing the distributionUrl in C:\Users\blahblah\myproject\gradle\wrapper\ to

at first it looks easy to solve by the guide, but when I'd done the change, I got the error again.

I'm using Android Studio 2.0 with the latest Android SDK Tools 24.4.1 and Android SDK Build Tools 23.0.2

I've even tried to download Gradle 2.10 and put it manually on android-studio\gradle\ folder, but no luck.

Any help would be appreciated.


If you are getting this when you run:
gradle build
from command line you have to use:
gradlew build
instead so that you will use gradle wrapper to downloaded the appropriate gradle version needed by the app.

When you execute gradle build you are using the global gradle installed on your system.

An easier way to accomplish this is to go to: Open Module Settings (your project) > Project > Gradle version and enter 2.10

Easiest way for me to fix this issue:

  1. close IDE.
  2. delete "gradle" folder
  3. re-open project.

File - setting - Build Execution Deployment - Gradle - Select 'Use default gradle wrapper(recommended)'

For Android studio v2.1

Follow these easy steps from images.

  1. Go "File" and click "Project structure".

  2. Then select "Project" from left menu and then change "Gradle version" to the version your sdk manager has installed. In my case it is 2.10 so i change version to 2.10 and then click on "Ok". And then android studio automatically do gradle sync again and error was fixed.

For people who are using Ionic/Cordova framework, we need to change the distributionUrl in GradleBuilder.js file to var distributionUrl = process.env['CORDOVA_ANDROID_GRADLE_DISTRIBUTION_URL'] || 'http\\://';

The GradleBuilder.js locates at project/platforms/android/cordova/lib/builders/GradleBuilder.js

Go to File -> Settings -> Build, Execution, Deployment -> Gradle -> choose Use default gradle wrapper

I encountered the same issue before.

In the end, the problem is that you use terminal; it uses system config.

check it, whether you have set


Hope it helps

I had the same problem and no answer in helped. But I found the issue in my project. It was because my .gitignore file contained these lines:

# Package Files #

and that is why git did not upload the MyProject\gradle\wrapper\gradle-wrapper.jar file to remote. So, I added this line to .gitignore :


Make sure you had this line too. At least this solved my problem

I had to upgrade my version of Cordova to support the latest version of Gradle. Updating the distributionUrl in GradleBuilder.js didn't work for me.

In Terminal type gradlew clean. it will automatically download and install gradle version 2.10(ie latest gradle verson available)

Eg : C:\android\workspace\projectname>gradlew clean

In my case the problem was indeed in the distributionURL in file and Android Studio auto-fixed inserting


But this was a wrong URL. The correct one is


Apparently the url changed in gradle's API but not in Android Studio so fixing it by hand solved the problem for me.

Open Preference and search for Gradle or Navigate to Builds, Execution, Deployment > Build Tools > Gradle

Then change Project-Level setting to Use default gradle wrapper (recommended)

Or keep local gradle distribution option and set Gradle home to /.../gradle-2.10

Make Sure that Gradle version is already setup to 2.10 in Module Settings

On the Project Window, right click on your project then select Open Module Settings ( + )


Gradle Version: 3.3 Android Plugin version: 2.3.1

Some cases it does not work-out because there is no problem in your project gradle or android-studio.

Step 1:

Minimum supported Gradle version is 2.14.1. Current version is 2.11. If using the gradle wrapper, try editing the distributionUrl

  • Check gradle version in your system gradle -version
  • Older version upgrade gradle version brew install gradle

Step 2

  • Go to android-studio-> Preference-> Build,Execution,Deployment-> Gradle

  • Use default gradle wrapper and un-mark offline work

Step 3

  • Check distributionUrl in

  • Upgrade if older version.

  • Clean Project

What worked for me on Mint 17.03 which is base off Ubuntu 14.04

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:cwchien/gradle sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install gradle

Reopen Android Studio. Go to Run/Debug Configuration and there should be an icon saying you need to Update gradle. Just click it.

You need to change Prefrences > Builds,Execution,Deployment > Build Tools > Gradle >Gradle home path

Or set Use default gradle wrapper and edit Project\gradle\wrapper\ files field distributionUrl like this


for me all previous solutions failed, so i just edited

Project\gradle\wrapper\ -> field distributionUrl 



if your has this error that "supported Gradle version is 2.14.1. Current version is 2.4. " , on terminal. means your should update your gradle.

On Mac OS: you can use brew upgrade gradle

Latest gradle

Download the latest from from Complete Distribution link in android studio file ->settings ->gradle the path and paste the downloaded zip folder gradle-3.3 in that folder

4.change your gradle 2.8 to gradle 3.3 in file ->settings ->gradle

5.Or you can change your gradle wrapper in the project

6.edit YourProject\gradle\wrapper\ file and edit the field distributionUrl in to


shown in android studio's gradle files